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Perth is both the capital and largest city of the state of Western Australia, situated between the Swan River and the southwest coast. The fourth most populous city in Australia, with a population of 2,022,044 people living in Greater Perth, it’s one of the most desirable study destinations in the world, despite the fact it’s more isolated than other Australian cities.

Perth has a large number of universities and is therefore a great student city with a cosmopolitan, friendly vibe, amazing beaches and a mild climate. The five main universities in Perth are Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University, University of Notre Dame, and the University of Western Australia. These institutions are all world-class, helping to ensure Perth lives up to its reputation as Australia’s ‘Education City’.

Perth has two main airports. Perth Airport is the main hub for regional, domestic, and international flights, whereas Jandakot Airport is for general aviation and charter flights. Perth Airport is the fourth busiest in Australia, with approximately 10 million passengers travelling through it each year.

Perth is home to a substantial number of world-class universities. Leading the way is the University of Western Australia, a research-intensive university which is ranked in the top one percent worldwide. One of the Australian Group of Eight, an internationally recognized group of elite Australian universities, this public research university has its main campus in the suburb of Crawley, 10 minutes from the Perth CBD. There are also two smaller campuses in Claremont and Albany.

Curtin University is also highly prestigious and ranked within the world’s top one percent. It’s the largest university in Western Australia, with around 52,000 students, of which a third are international. Its main campus is in Perth, but there are also campuses in Kalgoorlie, Margaret River, Malaysia, Singapore, and Dubai. The university is globally recognized for its connections with industry, its high-impact research and wide range of courses. If you choose to study here, available study areas include advertising, animation and game design, architecture, economics, event management, web media, science, speech pathology, geophysics, and occupational therapy.

Murdoch University, which has been ranked among the top 100 young universities in the world, also deserves a mention. The research-led university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees which aim to blend academic learning with real-world industry experience. Murdoch has some amazing facilities for students, including a fully functioning animal hospital, complete with vet and surgery facilities, an equine center, working farms, a practicing chiropractic clinic, fully equipped nursing wards, and the largest and most successful law mooting program in WA.

Perth is regularly considered to be one of the most livable cities in Australia and it has its own premium wine region, 19 white-sand beaches and Indian Ocean sunsets. It’s also one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world.

Students living in Perth can enjoy the rich, year-round culture and arts community. There are a huge number of festivals that happen annually in Perth, such as the Perth International Arts Festival, which is held every February and March. During these months the city welcomes both national and international artists to perform across the city and region. There’s also the hugely popular Perth Festival, which takes place between February and April. This is the longest running cultural festival in Australia, and features storytelling and artwork.

If these arts and performance festivals aren’t enough, then there are plenty of theaters and performance spaces which you’ll want to check out when you’re here. Be sure to head over to Northbridge, home to the Perth Cultural Center, as this has lots of venues that perform a variety of music and theater, including the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, the Art Gallery of Western Australia, the Blue Room Theatre, and the State Theatre of Western Australia.

Music lovers should try and get tickets to watch the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, the state’s largest performing arts company, or the West Australian Opera. For those wanting a spectacular theatre venue, His Majesty’s Theatre is 103 years old and simply beautiful.

The vast number of museums in Perth explore every topic imaginable, from aviation to health and natural history. Indeed, the Museum of Perth is the most recent addition to Perth’s huge array of museums. It began as a virtual museum in 2012, but has since progressed to be a permanent exhibition, with visitors able to explore the history of Perth city.

The Aviation Heritage Museum was created by the Royal Australian Air Force Association of Western Australia, and is home to several military and civilian aircraft, which date back to 1929. In a similar vein, the Army Museum of WA was set up in 1977 to commemorate the heritage of the Australian army. It features archival materials, such as documents, photographs, letters and diaries, from the colonial period through to present day.

The Western Australian Museum is a research-based facility that aims to engage the public and educate them on the state’s natural history through public programs and exhibitions. It encourages learning about the Aboriginal culture, as well as local geology and history. Finally, the Fremantle Prison is open for visitors and worth a visit; tours of this former mid-19th century prison are available throughout the day and night.

Perth has a moderate climate, with hot, dry summers, and wet winters. Summer lasts from December through to March, with the hottest month being February. While the summers are mostly dry, there is the occasional cyclone from the north which brings heavy rainfall. July is typically the coldest month and has around 146 mm of rainfall.

As with anywhere in Australia, the sun is extremely strong, and sun protection is always advised. Even on cloudy days, remaining protected and hydrated is crucial. There are water stations located throughout the city, so you can fill up your water bottles for free.

Perth and its beaches are amazing for surfing, with Trigg beach, which has a consistent surf with nice breaking waves, and South Cottesloe the two stand-out beaches to visit. However, shark attacks are a danger for surfers on the West Coast of Australia, and swimmers and surfers should be aware of the dangers. Shark attacks are rare, and the Western Australian Government has endeavored to bring in shark hazard mitigation strategies, but it’s important to be sensible and safe. Initiatives such as helicopter and beach controls, education, increased awareness, and science have all been used in an attempt to keep swimmers, divers, and surfers safe.

Perth has ten large hospitals, each with emergency departments. The Royal Perth Hospital, which is located in the city center, is the largest. Other hospitals include Rockingham General Hospital, King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, and Midland Health Campus.

The city of Perth has a great public transport system, and the government encourages the use of public transport over driving your own car. The fully networked metropolitan transport bus system will help you navigate the city, as will the Central Area Transit (CAT), which operates in and around the city. CAT services are free for the community and operate on regular routes. To access public transport, you will need a SmartRider card.

According to Curtin University, the average student in Perth spends around $475 a week on living expenses. This includes rent, public transport, food, health insurance, and utilities. Rent for a single person is approximately $180 a week.