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Read the latest posts from our bloggers, and have your own say on everything from student dating etiquette to the world’s coolest university libraries. Does reputation really matter when choosing a university? Is there such thing as the perfect student job? And what’s the worst thing you could do in an admissions interview? Discuss...


man staring at the horizon main image
Rediscover your motivation with these inspirational quotes from famous writers – from Fyodor Dostoyevsky to Maya Angelou.
Celebrities Who Studied Abroad main image
27 Aug 2015 by Sofia Konstantzou
Discover this bunch of celebrities who studied abroad and get inspiration for your own study abroad experience.
Tips for Starting University
26 Aug 2015 by Sabrina Collier
Starting university soon? Read our top tips for how to prepare for this exciting new experience.
Greenest Universities Main Image
25 Aug 2015 by Sabrina Collier
Discover 10 of the greenest universities in the US, both in terms of sustainability and for having gorgeous green spaces. 
Study Abroad Photo Competition: Meet the Winners! main image
19 Aug 2015 by Jo Birdsey
We asked students to share a photo of their study abroad experience, and the results were incredible – meet our photo competition winners!
5 Essential Apps for Students in London main image
18 Aug 2015 by Dasha Karzunina
Preparing to start university in the UK capital? Check out these useful apps for students in London – covering everything from travel to take-out.
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