Read the latest posts from our bloggers, and have your own say on everything from student dating etiquette to the world’s coolest university libraries. Does reputation really matter when choosing a university? Is there such thing as the perfect student job? And what’s the worst thing you could do in an admissions interview? Discuss...


5 Ways to Decide Where to Study in Europe main image
Deciding where to study is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Understandably, many would-be students are worried about making the right decision. After all, this will take a significant amount of your commitment, time and resources.A lot of students dream...
How to Build Leadership Skills main image
19 May 2015 by Rafis Abazov
Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of the UN, once said to a youth audience, “As the young leaders of tomorrow, you have the passion and energy and … a global vision.” Students...
How to Become a More Optimistic Student main image
18 May 2015 by Sponsored Content
This article is sponsored by ESCP Europe.Philippe Gabilliet, author of "Eloge de l'optimisme" (Saint-Simon, 2010), MEB Academic Dean & Professor in Leadership at ESCP EuropeIt...
How to Survive Your First Job Interview main image
13 May 2015 by Zain Nabi
Getting a first job is always a difficult task. You are caught up in dilemmas that increase your anxiety by every minute. The fear of failure, and uncertainty about what the...
5 Reasons to Study Business in France main image
12 May 2015 by Ben Clayton
Ah, la France! A land with as much to offer les artistes as for les hommes d'affaires, France is a world leader in the spheres of both culture and business. Indeed, not only is...
Celebrities with Surprising Degrees main image
08 May 2015 by Céline Fraimund
In the hit show The Big Bang Theory, actress Mayim Bialik plays the recurring character of Dr. Amy Farah Fowler, neuroscientist and love interest of fan favorite Sheldon Cooper (...
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