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What to Consider When Searching for the Perfect MBA for You main image

Want to know how you can make your MBA search a little easier? Read our short article to find out what you need to consider when it comes to finding the right MBA for you.

What Can You Do With a Business Degree?

Business minded? Good with numbers? Find out what career opportunities a business degree could open up…

Six Reasons to Choose a FAME Subject at EDHEC Business School main image

Choose a business school, specialize in a FAME subject and maybe even qualify for an exclusive scholarship. It's a no-brainer.

TOPUNIVERSITIES Business by date
Why Studying Data Analytics is the Smartest Move You Could Make in 2018 main image

Keep ahead of the curve with our guide on why data analytics is a top career path in 2018.

6 Reasons Why France Should Be On Your Study Abroad List main image

Want to study abroad but not sure where? Find out why France could be your best choice.

4 Amazing Careers You Can Do With a Master's in Business main image

Find out what a master’s in business from one of Europe’s top 15 business schools can do for you and your future career.

Three Steps to Help You Choose the Right Business Specialization main image

Want to add a postgraduate qualification to your bow but need help choosing the right specialization for you? Allow us to help.

What It’s Like to be an Innovative Student Entrepreneur main image

Ever wondered what it must be like to start your own business or invent a new product? Student entrepreneur Lara Schuhwerk from EDHEC has done exactly that.