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TOPUNIVERSITIES graduate jobs by date
How Students Can Find a Job with No Experience

Are you trapped in the cycle of needing experience to get experience? Find out what an employment expert has to say.

Job rejection

Getting rejected from a job you wanted is never easy. Here’s how to cope with rejection from graduate jobs, by people who have done it before.

How to Impress Top Employers in the Recruitment Process

Find out what top graduate employers say about how to bag your dream job.

TOPUNIVERSITIES graduate jobs by date
How Can a Master’s Improve Your Employability? main image

Wondering whether the benefits of studying a master's degree are worth the cost? Here's how studying a master's can improve your employability.

Why Belfast is One of the Best Cities for Graduate Employability main image

Wondering where to head for your big career move? Find out why Belfast is buzzing with graduate career opportunities.

8 of the Most Unusual Jobs You Can Get with a Humanities Degree main image

If you’re a humanities graduate, you may want to consider these exciting and unusual jobs…

10 of the Best Degrees to Graduate with in 2019 main image

Find out which degrees will help you bag a fulfilling job with high salary…

Why Are Soft Skills So Important In The Graduate Job Market? main image

Read our short article to find out what steps Newcastle University Business School is taking to ensure its students are prepared for the world of work.