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Articles with tag 'Japan'

7 Reasons to Study a Degree For Sustainable Futures main image

The Sophia Program for Sustainable Futures at Sophia University in Tokyo is hoping to provide students with the skills and knowledge to come up with solutions for pressing global and local challenges.

13 Reasons Why You'll Love Studying in Tokyo main image

Tokyo is a city that screams uniqueness, innovation and warm welcomes. Find out why you’ll love studying in the Japanese capital.

How One Japanese University is Plugging the Diversity Gap main image

Find out why diversity in the world of higher education is such a hot topic right now. 

What's It Like to Study Abroad in Tokyo? main image

Attracted to the idea of studying abroad in Tokyo? Find out what it would be like.

Top 10 Things to Do in Japan main image

Considering studying in Japan? Start planning your leisure time now with this list of the top 10 things to do in Japan.

University of Tokyo vs Kyoto University main image

Struggling to choose between the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University? Find out how these two top Japanese universities compare.

3 Realistic Jobs in Japan for International Graduates main image

Want to work in Japan? Discover three types of jobs in Japan which offer opportunities for international graduates.