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How Do UK Students Pay Their Living Costs? main image

Find out how students in the UK are paying their living costs, according to data from the NatWest Student Living Index 2020. 

Why Diversity is Essential for STEM Subjects main image

STEM subjects are some of the least diverse in higher education. Find out how one University of Liverpool PhD student is helping to combat this.

Majority of Students Dissatisfied with their University’s Coronavirus Support main image

Most students are not happy with their university's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the NatWest Student Living Index 2020. 

TOPUNIVERSITIES student info by date
73% of UK Students Unsatisfied With University Mental Health Support main image

Southampton students are the most satisfied with mental health support, the NatWest Student Living Index 2020 revealed today.

Credit score main

Unsure what a credit score even is? Join the club! Read on as we explain the ins and outs of credit scores.

Graduate questions

Every recent graduate gets asked these 10 annoying questions.

Job rejection

Getting rejected from a job you wanted is never easy. Here’s how to cope with rejection from graduate jobs, by people who have done it before.

What Can Students Expect at University in September? main image

From student halls to blending learning, here’s what you can expect if you’re planning on going to university this September.