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7 Reasons Why I Loved Going to Business School  main image

High-flying Colombian student Andrea, 29, spoke to us about her experience attending a top business school in Nice, France.

6 Reasons Why France Should Be On Your Study Abroad List main image

Want to study abroad but not sure where? Find out why France could be your best choice.

What’s It Like to Study At a Top European Business School? main image

Ever wondered what it’s like to study at a top European business school? We spoke to two students about what their business school experience has been like so far.

TOPUNIVERSITIES student info by date
7 Ways to Throw a Student ‘Friendsgiving’ Party This Year main image

Throw the best ‘Friendsgiving’ party this year with our seven top tips!

Thanksgiving Traditions at Top US Universities

Thanksgiving is about more than just eating too much pie - find out some of the festive traditions at top US universities here.

6 Reasons Why Students Are Looking to Study Abroad In Helsinki main image

Ever wondered what it’s like to study in Finland? We spoke to some students from the University of Helsinki to find out about their study abroad experiences.

What Can You Do With an Engineering Degree? main image

Not sure what to do next after your engineering degree? Discover a range of careers in engineering, and get tips to improve your employment prospects.

11 Unique Things You Will Love About Studying in Johannesburg main image

Want to study a postgraduate degree abroad? Find out why Johannesburg has it all when it comes to applying to study in the exciting city that has a lot to offer.