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33 Useful Websites for Students

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As a new student you’ll need to learn a lot of new information pretty fast or risk being clueless, penniless, and more than a bit confused about independent student life.


This is where the internet steps in, a realm of student resources with bountiful information about anything, where you can learn the things your parents never taught you (or that you weren’t interested in learning at the time), such as how to budget your money, how to arrange an overdraft with your bank, and how to iron your clothes without leaving an iron-shaped pattern. In short, all the student resources you could ever possibly need are available online.

Below is a categorized list of useful student websites and online resources that will help to make student life that little bit easier from day one.

General websites for students


LifeHacker aims to help its users out with life in the modern world. Popular tags include ‘Productivity’, ‘Money’ and ‘DIY’.


Although essentially one of many time-wasting student websites, MentalFloss is good for learning interesting facts from around the world, covering topics such as food, culture and science. Admittedly, its main function may be as a procrastination aid, but you should still learn something!  


This student resource offers an alternative to TV (and, unfortunately, studying), hosting randomized videos on interesting scientific topics.


This site tells you the best times to go to bed if you have to be up at a certain hour – a very useful tool within student life. Taking into account regular sleep cycles, can help if you suffer from grogginess in the mornings.


If you struggle to stay away from social media when you’re meant to be studying, use KeepMeOut to block certain distracting websites.

Educational websites for students


You’ve probably heard of Reddit, but have you heard of UReddit? UReddit hosts courses and lessons created by the public and can help users to learn languages, scientific principles or even PHP programming.


Edx is one of the world’s leading MOOC platforms. MOOCs (massive open online courses) are offered for free to anyone wishing to learn. Other major MOOC providers include: and

Cooking websites for students


Cooklet is a place to go for foodies who want to show off their recipes or for those who want to be inspired by other foodies. Like Instagram but solely for food.


RecipePuppy allows you to search for recipes based on the ingredients you already have at home. Lazy students, rejoice.


This is one of the most useful online student resources if you like making and fixing things yourself. You can learn anything from how to make spaghetti ice-cream to how fix a broken shelf.

Health websites for students

11.  The Ultimate Health Food Guide

This guide will be a lifesaver throughout student life for times when you’re feeling wrung out, stressed or ill. Whatever your ailments, visit this resource to find out what foods to eat to build your immunity and vitality back up.


WebMD allows you to check your current health status using its ‘symptom checker’. Although this resource is great for hypochondriacs, it doesn’t replace the knowledge of a real doctor – go offline and visit your university’s health center if you’re really concerned.


The website of the UK’s National Health Service provides information on all kinds of illnesses, conditions, diseases and treatments. The site also gives comprehensive information on sexual health.


DontPassItOn provides free chlamydia and gonorrhea testing kits by post to UK citizens aged 16-24.


Sexual health advice and resources for those based in the US.

Shopping & selling websites for students


Well-established consumer-to-consumer site Ebay allows you to buy, sell or auction off almost anything, including clothing, electronic devices and antiques. Could come in handy if your student budget needs a boost, or if you want to find some bargains.


The Book Pond allows you to sell your old academic textbooks or buy the ones you need from other students who are ready to pass them on.


Amazon is another online retailer where you can find good prices on books, e-books and textbooks. However, its critics say it’s damaging to independent bookstores, so you may want to consider using your local store instead of always shopping online.


Gumtree advertises jobs, second-hand goods, properties and services for people around the UK. If you’re a student in the UK, it can be a good place to search for part-time job opportunities, look for accommodation, sell things you don’t need any more, or even swap goods or skills.


The global version of Gumtree, Craigslist is big in the US and has many city/area divisions so you can find listings close to you.


This online platform allows you to give away your unwanted things or get your hands on what other people are giving away. Handy for furniture and general bric-a-brac.

Money-saving websites for students


Groupon offers daily deals on things such as spa days, fancy restaurants and city breaks. Not exactly the essentials of student life, but a good way to treat yourself at the end of a stressful exam period, perhaps.


MoneySavingExpert has advice on everything from cheap flights to the best bank interest rates, helping your student budget stretch further.


Free to use, Mint can help you organize your finances and track your spending.


MyVoucherCodes offers vouchers and discounts for a huge number of retail stores and restaurants within the UK. In you are in the US, RetailMeNot is the place to go.


Just one of many student websites offering discounts, UniDays lists thousands of student discounts and offers around the globe. It’s free to join and also available as an app.


WiseBread is dedicated to living well on a tight budget – whether you’re a student or just trying to get more for your money. It offers advice on everything from debt management to growing your own fruit and vegetables.

Other useful resources for students


An offshoot of Rap Genius, Lit Genius is a place where scholars have formed a community to annotate poetry and literature, both classic and recent. Extremely helpful for English literature students.


TED hosts thought-provoking talks given at events all over the world on the core topics of technology, entertainment and design – but in fact covering pretty much every aspect of human experience. The TED site is where you can find all the videos of these talks. Another good procrastination device, but you may also find some inspiration for your next essay.


Although your tutors will tell you never to reference Wikipedia in assignments, the collaboratively edited encyclopedia project can be a very useful tool for early-stage research into your assignment or project.


Bartleby publishes classic literature, poetry, non-fiction and reference texts free of charge.


Similarly, Project Gutenberg provides free online access to texts whose copyright has expired; so far it’s digitized more than 45,000 texts.


Finally, don’t forget to check out all the student resources we have right here at, including a blogging community, student forums, university rankings, country guides, course guides, and advice on all aspects of student life – from scholarships and applications to studying abroad and career planning. You can register for free to get regular updates and your own personal content feed.

What other student websites have you found useful? Share your recommendations in the comments below.

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Great Post and I Love the Article! Great Efforts!!


Laura Tucker you have combined such a cool collection of learning portals for all learner. At internet now there are thousand of websites for learning any specific subject or also mention some after learning practice sites too like one additions from mine side you will find this useful for learners.thanks

Super useful info, thanks! Other recommended websites would be Dropbox and also Gmail.

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I have been searching for this topic since long time, Thank you so much for sharing such a useful article. I loved the way you discuss the topic great work.

For students with little time, is a mini magazine that uses social multi-media news outlets to get readers interested in current events through digital literacy. Its uniquely structured articles gives a fast and deep understanding of news that makes current affairs highly interesting.

Thanks for sharing amazing post Admin.

That's indeed a nice list to help student finding their desired material at one place. 1 thing I want to add into this article, sometime medical student face problems in preparing for their exams and the websites given above in the medical section are not providing that much help for the students.

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This is a nice article. However, as a student who is working, you will always find yourself overwhelmed by assignments.

Hi, I found this list interesting, but not enough. Most of us, students, have a bunch of free time, so we tried to spend it by working somewhere. So I think it will be very useful to add few more websites where student can find some temporary jobs:

Wow great information for the students


I have personally used most of these websites. I would like to add to the list. IvyTies is a social networking website for college applicants to get advice from the fellow community. IvyTies is unique in the aspect that it is probably the only website where admission officials, college applicants, college students and alumni can connect with each other.

I'm shocked you didn't include docsity. has everything a student needs and is totally free of cost. Documents sharing, university and college study material, questions and answers, video lectures, blogs and news. Kindly add this site to your list as well.

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