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Top Ivy League Schools: Harvard or Yale? main image

Dreaming of studying at one of the top two Ivy League schools? Use this comparison to decide whether Harvard or Yale is your number one.

Top Tech Schools: MIT or Caltech? main image

Dreaming of studying at one of the top tech schools in the US? Find out whether MIT or Caltech would be your best fit.

Why You Should Study at a US University main image
by Meg D.

Studying at a US university - even if only for a semester - is a can't-miss experience. If you have the opportunity, here's why you should head to the US for your studies.

Six Reasons Why You Should Visit Joshua Tree National Park main image
by Meg D.

There's more to Joshua Tree than its reputation would suggest - this is truly a US national park like no other. Here are six things to look out for when you visit.

Top Universities in New York City main image

Want to study in New York? Discover the top universities in New York City, based on the QS World University Rankings® 2020.

Six Things to Know About Visiting Death Valley main image
by Meg D.

Death Valley is mysterious, fascinating and it killed my mobile phone. It was worth it.

24 Hours in Vegas as an Under-21 main image
by Meg D.

Can't drink? Can't gamble? Don't worry, there are plenty of other ways to have a great time on your visit to Las Vegas.

Seven Helpful Tips for Visiting the Grand Canyon main image
by Meg D.

Planning a trip to the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon? Here are seven things to bear in mind, based on my own experience.