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10 of the Best Student Blogs for Millennial Life

By Mathilde Frot

Updated November 22, 2023 Updated November 22, 2023

Do your parents think you’re overly ‘sensitive’? Do you have a GIF for every occasion?

If so, you’re probably a millennial, which means (contrary to what some folks might think) someone who’s open-minded, self-driven and who grew up with the internet. Generally a far more diverse bunch than the baby boomers, the millennial generation is full of socially conscious entrepreneurs, intersectional sex-positive feminists, foodies, climate change activists and all kinds of creative, collaborative and connected individuals.  

So, because millennials are impressive, and because nobody puts Baby in the corner, here are 10 of the best student blogs to celebrate you guys <3. 

1. Women of Color, in Solidarity

Moderated by two student bloggers and a recent graduate (Aiesha, Jennifer and Attanya), this Tumblr is dedicated to denouncing racism, sexism, body shaming, colorism, classism, and marginalization in any shape or form. A safe space for women of color to share their stories, Women of Color, in Solidarity features news and inspiring photographs and GIFs.

2. College Tourist

This is platform for students from all corners of the world to write about their travelling experiences and share lush pictures of their trips. Whether you’re thinking of travelling abroad on a gap year, exchange year or during the summer holidays, this website’s a great place to start. Expect to find tips on travelling on a student budget and a rundown of cool destinations and festivals to check out.

3. The Healthy Hangover

Run by student blogger James Wragg, a final year student at the University of Brighton and a contributor at Guardian Students, this mouthwatering student food blog includes healthy recipes, reviews and explainers such as How to Save Money on Your Student Food Shop or How to Survive a Hangover at Work – Waiter Edition. Particularly tasty recipes include James’ smoky sweet potato wedges and sriracha mayonnaise and his anchovy & red jalapeño pizza.

4. Student Minds

Maintained by a team of student bloggers, Student Minds is a positive website for students suffering from mental illness. It’s a place for students to share the realities they face on a daily basis, while connecting with a community of others with similar experiences. This is a great student blog to check when you are feeling stressed, homesick or struggling with some of the challenges of university. Some of the latest posts on Student Minds include Freshers’ Week for the Anxious Introvert and My Journey with Depression.

5. Tiffany Imogen

Having recently completed an MA in English Literature at UCL (University College London), Tiffany Francis is already a widely published naturalist, and has just signed the contract for her first book with Bloomsbury Press, to be published in 2018! Follow her blog if you love the natural world and country living, for links to her latest articles, poems and musings on everything from walking in a rainstorm to saving the hen harrier.

6. Around the World

Student blogger Sush, who is from New Delhi and a student of computer science at Cornell University, explains that her once-rebellious attitudes toward her own cultural background have changed since she moved to the US. She writes, “I’m just [now] approaching [Western] notions of progress and modernity with the same critical eyes that I had previously reserved for [Indian] tradition and conservative thought.”  Sush’s blog explores life at Cornell University and gives advice to prospective students in posts such as Be Yourself: Advice for College Essays or FAQ: Cornell and the CS major.

7. High Street Beauty Junkie

This student blog, run by Charli at Cardiff University, covers a wide range of topics, from beauty to mental health. She’s written about her experience of suffering from an eating disorder, shared a photo diary of her holiday in Rhodes, Greece, and asked that essential question: what’s really in your shampoo?

8. Jenn across the pond

A student of architecture and design at Miami University spending a semester abroad in Copenhagen at DIS Stockholm, Jenn’s blog is “filled with stories of my adventures, mishaps, discoveries, and thoughts as I spend the semester in this new amazing country!” From architecture to food and travel tips, Jenn covers a broad span of topics which may be especially relevant if you are planning on studying abroad or looking to travel during your studies.

9. Selam G. '18

A student of robotics at MIT, Selam grew up in Colorado but speaks Chinese and Ethiopian fluently, thanks to her mixed heritage. She has blogged about a recycled-material selfie stick, her experience of being mixed-race in America, China and Ethiopia, and her passion for mechanical engineering. “I have spent 20 years denying parts of myself to make it simpler for others to understand,” she writes. In a more recent but equally as fascinating post, she explains what it means for a community to have no water, and explores the complexities of getting water to places that don’t have it.

10. Jemimah Wei

A graduate student based in Singapore, Jemimah James Wei started her blog in 2007 to write about anything ranging from fashion to travel, cats or literature. Cool posts currently on Jemimah’s website include The Broke Student’s Guide to Tokyo, which features lovely photographs and illustrations of Tokyo, as well as advice on cheap eats, flights and accommodation, and The Broke Student’s Guide to Couch Surfing, which includes safety tips and user etiquette.

Are you a keen student blogger, or want to share your student experience with others? Find out about opportunities to write for the TopUniversities blog here.

This article was originally published in November 2016 . It was last updated in November 2023

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