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10 Reasons NOT to Study in Australia

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If you thought Canada was bad, wait until you see Australia, another of the most popular study destinations with our readers, though we have no idea why*. Here are some reasons why you definitely shouldn’t study in Australia, with some Instagram pictures that we think prove our points.

1. There’s nothing to see or do in its capital city Canberra. No sights at all

2. Sydney’s quite dull too

3. There isn’t much nature besides some beaches and deserts:

Jim Jim Falls at the Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

4. Australian food is just the worst

A Lamington, aka a sponge cake coated in chocolate and coconut. We know, disgusting.

5. Everything in Australia is out to kill you**

Don’t be fooled by the cute exterior…

6. Its universities are so ugly

The University of Sydney (ranked 50th in the QS World University Rankings® 2018).

7. Unless you like surfing (which, let’s face it, nobody does), there’s basically nothing to do

Noosa River, South East Queensland

8. It never snows in Australia, making winter totally pointless

9. Melbourne is so expensive, and there isn’t even anything fun you can do for free

Melbourne’s City Circle Tram, with free audio commentary on landmarks

10. Want to see interesting historical sights while you study in Australia? Forget it

Freemantle Prison, Western Australia

In short, let’s maybe not go to Australia after all

*Don’t worry, Australia, we love you really…

**There might be some grain of truth to this one though.

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The satire. The irony. The sarcasm >0<

all of these photos prove you wrong. like it doesn't snow during winter, there was flipping snow in the picture. and there's not much nature, there's the great barrier reef. also there's plenty of stuff to do and plenty of people do go surfing. however there is one thing i agree with but not entirely. there are plenty of fun things you can do for free but a lot of the stuff you do have to pay for.

This article is pointless.