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13 Popular Student Snacks Around the World

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Ever wondered what other students snack on between lectures? Here are some of the most common (and Instagram-worthy) student snacks around the world. Let us know in the comments what you like to snack on!

1. United Kingdom

Beans on toast – an unbeatable classic in UK students’ diets…


2. South Africa

Biltong is a delicious dried, cured meat, full of protein and popular with students.


3. Japan

Up for trying something new? How about dried crabs (tamagogani)?


4. Mexico

Can you handle the spiciness of Takis?


5. United States (Philadelphia)

The Philly Cheesesteak has become an iconic staple of the city.


6. Germany

Another great snack for spice lovers, currywurst transforms the classic bratwurst (pork sausage) with spicy tomato sauce.


7. Israel

Warning: snacking on Bamba (peanut-buttery puffs) can be pretty addictive.


8. Australia

They might not be the healthiest option, but Australian hamburgers definitely hit the spot. And if you’re feeling brave, try a witchetty grub – a traditional delicacy among aboriginal Aussies.


9. Canada

Poutine is a firm favorite with Canadian students. French fries, cheese curds and gravy never tasted so good.


10. Norway

‘Smash!’ These chocolate-covered cone-shaped corn chips are smash-ing snacks, and also work well on top of a cake!


11. India

Cooome-on and try khaman, one of the most popular student snacks in India. (We’ll stop the puns now).


12. Latin America

Alfajores are the best cookies you’ve never heard of, popular in Latin America as well as parts of Spain and the Philippines. They are soft, crumbly cookies with a sweet caramel filling, and quite hard to resist!


13. China

The traditional spicy soup malatang is especially popular on the streets of Beijing…


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