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25 Reasons to Study Abroad

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Not that you really need an excuse to fly to a far-off country in order to gain a world-class education, but here’s our list of 25 reasons to study abroad just in case you’re not convinced. 

And for those of you who have already studied abroad, let us know in the comments if you can think of any more good reasons to study abroad and whether you agree with the list so far!

1.     It’ll look good on your CV

Experience of living internationally goes down well with employers, showing you have experience dealing with people from different cultures, plus a higher level of adaptability. If you can explore a new country at the same time as picking up skills to gain a decent graduate job, then that’s pretty good going.

2.     Brush up on your language skills

Remember the foreign languages you learned in school? No, me neither. Refresh them by studying abroad; you might be surprised at how much you remember. Taking extra language classes when you're out there can also be a great way to meet new people. 

3.     Living in a foreign country is completely different to a holiday

You’ll actually get to experience your place of study in the long term, picking up local knowledge such as where sells the best coffee, what tourist traps to avoid and how to get the most out of your new city.

4.     Meet a diverse range of people

Studying abroad

Your exposure to many different types of people will not only help you to develop your people skills, but it will also give you a more in-depth knowledge of others, particularly those from different cultures.

5.     Make lifelong friends

You may not love every single person you meet, but chances are that you’ll meet at least one lifelong friend (if you’re good at keeping in touch, that is). A shared international study experience is a great way to bond with your fellow students. 

6.     Discover new and exciting foods

Get more paella /poutine /pierogi /schnitzel /shawarma /chimichanga /katsudon /bobotie /baklava (delete as appropriate) in your life.

7.     Study and learn differently

Often those studying abroad will experience a completely new way of teaching. This can be daunting, but it will also open your mind to new ways of learning.

8.     Gain independence

Studying and living abroad requires you to be independent, without the safety of your home comforts. Look at this as an exciting new challenge (rather than something terrifying).

9.     Learn self-reliance

Moving abroad is the ultimate test in self-reliance. When (or if) you move back, you’ll likely rely on others less and you’ll take more responsibility for yourself.

10.    You’ll gain a greater knowledge of different cultures

Cultural sensitivity isn’t just a quality which politicians may be accused of lacking; it’s also something you can develop while studying abroad!

11.    See your own culture through a new lens

It’s easy to accept your own culture as absolute, but living in another country can help inform your point of view on your home culture, allowing you to develop your own views rather than simply accepting those defined by where you happen to come from.

12.    Learn more about yourself

Throwing yourself into a completely new environment will help you to figure out what you’re good at, as well as what you’re not so good at. These are things that can then be built on during your study abroad experience.

13.    Become an adult

Speed up the transition from teenager to adult by leaping into the unknown.  You’ll have to fend for yourself, buy your own meals and wash your own clothes, but it’ll all be worth it.

14.    Gain life experience


One of the ultimate reasons to study abroad is to gain life experience. You’ll learn how to organize your life and condense it into one suitcase, handle unforeseen situations, be independent and self-sufficient.

15.    Be spontaneous and adventurous

When you’re thousands of miles away from home, spontaneity and adventure are your best friends. Open your mind up to new experiences and sights and the fun will come your way.

16.    You learn to appreciate the smaller things more 

Studying abroad usually means you have even fewer possessions than the average student, and being that much further from home can really make you miss those familiar comforts you’d taken for granted. Welcome to a new-found appreciation of everything from your parents’ cooking to having more than two pairs of shoes to choose from.

17.    Gain a global mind-set

Whether it’s in work, study or play, you’ll be able to use your new global mind-set to back up arguments, inform your beliefs and steer your future.

18.    Get the perks of international student discounts

Student discounts are always fun but 100 times more so when you’re shopping in a new store with funny-looking money! (Disclaimer: don’t spend it all at once.)

19.    It’s an unforgettable experience

Even if your friends back home get bored of hearing about it (warning: they will), your study abroad experience will stay with you long after it’s over.

20.    You’ll appreciate your home and family more

Home and family

Any memories of parental arguments or sibling rivalry will pale in comparison to your memories of how amazing they are. Likewise, they’ll have time to forget about all your less attractive attributes too… When you get back these relationships will look so much stronger!

21.    International student funding is becoming more common

Studying abroad doesn’t have to leave you penniless, as more and more institutions and governmental bodies are offering dedicated scholarships for international students. To discover international scholarships from around the world, see this page.

22.    Take advantage of lower tuition fees

This of course depends on where you study abroad, but if you choose a location in many parts of continental Europe, Asia and Latin America, you’ll find it’s possible to study at a highly reputed university without getting into too much debt.

23.    Use your spare time to explore

In between lectures and lab sessions, studying abroad should leave you with plenty of time to explore. Whether you’re one for visiting iconic landmarks, trying new foods or bartering at local markets, there’s always bound to be a better way of spending your time than scrolling through Facebook!

24.    Increase your international job prospects

While you can always go home at the end of your time as an international student, many choose to stay put and apply for a working visa. Even if you return home or decide to seek work elsewhere, the international experience provided by studying abroad is likely to be looked on favorably by employers.

25.    Because “variety is the spice of life”

It might be something your dad says when opting for a different flavor of crisps at the supermarket, but it’s true; change, variety and new experiences are what make life worth living. Mix it up a bit: study abroad!

This article was most recently updated in February 2020.

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Good article, thank for your work!

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Studying abroad is worth considering as it comes with so many pros such as you are able to explore new things, new culture etc. I am totally satisfied with the all the points and in favour of studying abroad.

This is one of the best informative articles i came across. I am in Europe for studying and the reasons are valid.

Great article, Studying abroad changed my life, today living in Australia with my family, I am great-full to Study overseas consultant Abe services for helping me to secure my future.

I choose Dubai to be my study destination. Here the job prospect is high. We feel secure to work here. Dubai Govt. is making the condition more comfortable for foreign expats. There are many reputed universities in Dubai.

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thanks for the posting. It's useful and informative. I am a student in Suriname, South America, looking forward to study abroad, especially in England, London.

Thanks for posting this article. It consists of very useful information. It’s really helpful for students who are looking for Abroad Study.

Thank you!! This is very useful information for those of you who have already studied abroad. 

I like the article and reasons mentioned here are very valid. I love to share this article with my friends.

Great article! I couldn't agree more with some points, such as 8 and 13. Those were my reasons to study abroad. After all, I just wanted to stand on my own feet :)
So, after my study abroad I wrote an article on "5 Things you realise when you are studying abroad." You can read it here if you like: https://www.dialexy.com/node/12

hello, this is really a nice article and with useful info. pls keep sharing like this in future too.

Hi Nuvaquahu, glad you enjoyed this article, and thank you for sharing yours! Would you be interested in blogging for us? You can read about how you could submit a post here. :)

This is awesome! Getting a dream opportunity to study abroad is hard in itself though

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very useful article

This is very useful information for those of you who have already studied abroad, let us know in the comments if you can think of any more good reasons to study abroad and whether you agree with the list so far!