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4 of the Best Things About Student Life in Melbourne

By Zain Nabi

Updated February 16, 2021 Updated February 16, 2021

Life in Melbourne is awesome, and that’s not exaggeration by any means. And if you are a student here, it gets even better because of many added perks. Whether you’ve always lived in Melbourne, or you’ve come here from another city or country, you’ll easily relate to what I am going to mention below.

Melbourne is rated the world’s most livable city, and there’s a reason for this. It’s the cultural capital of Australia and widely acknowledged as the sporting capital of the world. And, well, this is easy to defend. We have cricket, footy, tennis, car and motor racing, sailing and more. We even hosted Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm recently. Did I mention the Melbourne Cup?

Anyway, since Melbourne has once again been named the world’s second best student city, I decided to go out on the streets and ask some students what they like the most about this wonderful city. The answers are reflective of diverse range of experiences student life in Melbourne has to offer.

1. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere 
Friendly and relaxed atmosphere

The first to answer was a student from La Trobe University. Shivarya is inspired by Melbourne’s diversity in terms of its population, and the harmony people belonging to different cultural and religious values exhibit. “People with different religions and their politeness [towards each other’s values] make Melbourne the most livable city,” he told me.

And of course, aside from all the glamour and attractions, a student always needs time and space to study. The campus culture and other learning opportunities are well-suited for students in Melbourne. “Personal space and a friendly atmosphere create a good environment to study,” Shivarya summed up.

2. Multicultural exchange 

Since Melbourne plays host to scores of students from around the globe, it provides opportunities for students to network and learn more about different cultures. An RMIT University student, AB, considers this the best feature of student life in Melbourne. “The best thing about Melbourne is that it is a multicultural city and provides an opportunity to meet people from all over the world,” he said, adding that he especially appreciates the way cultural diversity is incorporated into food, events and parties.

3. Great comedy and live music 

Melbourne is also very well-known for its comedy and live music scenes. These aspects are highlighted by Rob, a big fan of music and comedy shows who hopes to become a stand-up comedian himself one day. Although Melbourne has many large international shows on offer, Rob loves the underground culture where you can just go to a club and enjoy a free show with a drink.

“I work and study at the same time so things get pretty hectic for me,” he said. “But every other Thursday I go to my favorite club with some friends and enjoy some drinks with free comedy and music shows. I just love it, because some of the performers are new entrants and I feel encouraged to be among them someday.”

4. Student discounts for events & exhibitions 

There is no denying that the cost of living in Melbourne is high and you can’t afford all the luxuries and high-end activities if you are on a tight budget – as is usually the case for students, including myself. But, hey, you are in Melbourne so there’s a silver lining here. Emily from Monash University loves art and events, and says student discounts make it possible for her to accommodate these interests in her budget. “The best things about life in Melbourne are the concessions and discounts you can get as a student to visit museums or some events. I don’t think I could afford the full price all the time.” Unsurprisingly, she still thinks there could be some more discounts!

Well, these were just a few views that students in Melbourne shared. As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons to judge this city as one of the best places to live in the world, and among the best cities for students, and I am sure you will have something more to add based on your experiences. Don’t forget to drop a line in the comments section.

Melbourne is the best!

This article was originally published in December 2015 . It was last updated in February 2021

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