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5 of the Best Student Jobs

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Updated Apr 18, 2021



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Guest post: Sam Hyams

The holidays have been and gone. Your savings have taken a hit and a whole new term of socializing looms, but how will you afford it? Time to find a part-time job! Before you start applying, check out these five great student jobs – there’s a perfect role for all skillsets and personalities.

1. Tutoring 

This is often a very well-paid student job. However, make sure you understand the legalities before you take on any work, especially if you’re intending to hire yourself out independently. You will need to make sure that you adhere to all of the rules and regulations. However, once you have done that, you are looking at a pretty high hourly rate, depending on where and what you are teaching.

Stick to what you know. This sounds obvious, but a reputation as a tutor who does not know what they are doing will spread quickly and prevent you getting any more business. Referrals are the name of the game here. If a student or parent likes you, they are very likely to recommend you to their friends. You can swiftly build up a list of clients, work eight hours a week and bring in a healthy amount.

2. Club night organizer 

This student job takes a certain type of individual and is not for everyone. If you are outgoing, driven and not averse to working some unsociable hours, then it just might be for you. The role of a club night organizer can vary significantly from venue to venue, but in general it involves you taking on a particular weekly night at a local club and promoting it all on your own, with varying degrees of guidance from the club.

This job generally requires you to be very independent. Normally the agreement works that you will keep all proceeds from ticket sales, whilst the club will keep all proceeds from their bar sales. This way the club can fill up a normally quiet night by using a student club night organizer to do their marketing for them.

3. Social media assistant 

Many firms have come to the realization that a presence on social media is essential for a successful business these days. However, most do not have the time or knowledge to do this themselves. Who better to take this off their hands than technologically savvy students?

For student jobs in social media, you will need a firm grasp of all the major platforms and understand how to monetize social media campaigns. An ability to craft interesting and engaging posts is a must. You could work for a social media agency that handles the accounts of many small businesses, apply direct to individual companies, or even freelance. Often you will work remotely, benefitting from the perks of working from home.

4. Events staff 

If you like the idea of no two days being the same, then student jobs in events could be for you. It is fairly impossible to say what this would mean on a typical day – one day you might be stewarding at a local sports ground, the next you might be handing out candy floss in a shopping mall as part of a promotion.

By working for a local events company or agency you get to experience all sorts of different work. This work is usually extremely flexible, which is often great for fitting around the hectic work and socializing that comes with university life. The pay for these roles is often generous.

5. Bar staff 

You might not expect this to feature on a list of the ‘best student jobs’, but hear me out. Sure, if you work at the Student Union bar, you’ll find the pay is average, the floor is sticky, the lager has bits in and the stand-up comedy acts are very hit and miss.

However, if you are picky and thoroughly research the bar before you apply, you can find some absolute gems. The pay can be good if you pick somewhere more upmarket with big tippers, you often get free food from the kitchen, the locals will buy you drinks, the work is fairly easy, you will learn how to pour a perfect pint and make a killer mojito, you will meet some ‘characters’, and generally have a lot of fun.

Sam is the founder of wurkrs.com, a free service that helps students find part-time and one-off jobs in the UK.