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Five Reasons to Study in Finland

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Laura Bridgestock

Updated Mar 24, 2021



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1. Study in Finland is free!

That’s right: It's free to study in Finland! While studying in most countries will require handing over an often-hefty tuition fee, Finland has somehow managed to keep university education entirely state-funded – even for international students. There are a few exceptions: some masters courses charge fees to non EU/EEA students. (Fellow Nordic nation Norway also has no tuition fees, as I’ve previously mentioned.)

2. High-ranking universities

If you think free things have little or no value, think again. Finland’s higher education system is widely respected as one of the world’s best. Eight of the country’s universities appear in the 2012/13 QS World University Rankings, and most moved up compared to the previous year. Highest positions go to: University of Helsinki (78), University of Turku (211), Aalto University (222) and University of Oulu (262).

3. Wide open spaces

Known in particular for its lakes, islands and ski resorts, Finland boasts some truly stunning natural settings. The country’s official tourism site also promises a complete lack of the following: traffic jams, football hooligans, royalty, smog, slums, intrusive salesmen, and crowded beaches.

4. Friendly people

Finnish people have a reputation for being friendly and open – though not in a ‘WOOAAHH GET OUT OF MY FACE ALREADY’ kind of way… More just a ‘Hey, how are you? Let’s be friends’ kind of way. Which is nice.

5. Lots to do

Whatever you’re into, study in Finland probably has something to offer. This is especially true if your hobbies and interests include:

• visiting Father Christmas
• ice hockey
• heavy metal
• fishing
• saunas
• design shows
• snowsports
• milk consumption (it’s the national drink, apparently).

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