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How to Find a Student Job in Germany

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Updated Oct 12, 2022



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Living is not a cheap hobby! Many students do not have the money to coast through and need to find a job to make ends meet. The best ways are through informal part-time jobs and making your money stretch further. I have already blogged about both of those topics. But let’s say you really need to get a student job in Germany. What kind of role is realistic to expect, and how can you find a student job while studying in Germany?

Visit the university job center

During my time studying in Germany, the types of jobs I have heard of students getting run the gamut from working at the airport to working for the university itself. Universities in Germany each have a job center, where businesses who need help can ask for a student.

This is obviously the easiest way to find a job, because you do not have to seek out businesses that have openings, and it is already clear that they are looking for university students. Bear in mind that this sort of work is often only temporary and has high turnover rates – but that can mean the pay is better. Common student jobs available include filing documents in an office, or providing extra help on days when a store is extraordinarily busy.

Use the university bulletin board

Another good resource is the bulletin board, where anyone can put up a flyer asking for anything. Many times, smaller jobs are offered that have flexible hours and are relatively high-paying. Besides, ever student worth his or her salt checks the bulletin boards for cool deals all the time! In particular, students who play an instrument or speak another language can earn serious money through tutoring.

Look for a “real” job

You can also just join the general job hunt (though you’ll need something part-time of course). You might be surprised how many companies are looking for someone to help them with everyday office tasks. And studying in Germany actually gives you some leverage power, because getting a place at a German university is not that easy. This is the most time-intensive way of finding a student job in Germany, but if you have good grades, you might even be able to find a job that you can put on your CV as valuable work experience.

How easy is it to get a student job in Germany?

But then comes the ultimate question: how easy is it for international students to get a job in Germany? The answer is that it is harder for internationals than for German students. Like everyone, Germans are more likely to employ people who speak their language perfectly and understand the local context. This might sound intimidating, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. There are lots of jobs available and sooner or later one will turn up.

This reinforces a key lesson of being an international student: perseverance is key. Find a way to make your native language be an advantage to you, and before long you will be able to buy yourself dinner out now and again!

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