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Reasons to Join a University Sports Club

By Sabrina Collier

Updated March 3, 2022 Updated March 3, 2022

If you’re not into sport, you’re probably planning to avoid university sports teams like the plague, determined to avoid reliving the horrible memories of sports classes in school etched in your memory.

Don’t rule out playing sport at university at some level though. Not only are there a vast array of possible sports to play at university, but there are also a wide range of ability levels, catering for everyone from the very sporty to the complete novice. If you do find a sports club that suits you, here are some of the ways it will improve your university experience (and not just by helping you work off last night’s pizza):

You’ll make friends you might not otherwise have met

Playing sport means you’ll meet loads of new people and form relationships with them, either by playing with them or even by playing against them. Some of these people you might not have met if you’d never played sport and they’ll become your firmest friends. University sports clubs often have socials, meaning you’ll have plenty of opportunities to build close friendships with other members over a drink.

It will help with stress and boost your health

Exercise is a powerful source of stress relief anyway, but it’s especially beneficial when you’re at university. Whenever you have any looming assignment deadlines or exams that are troubling you, you can use training sessions to exercise and take your mind off things, releasing endorphins which make you happy, as well as giving you a whole host of other health benefits. Reap the full benefits of exercise by making sure to eat healthily.

You’ll gain skills which improve your employability

A place in a sports team might not seem like the kind of thing that will catch an employer’s eye, but you’ll pick up plenty of soft skills, such as time management by being involved in a sports team. Showing you were able to take an active role in university life without it affecting your studies, or that you could take a role of responsibility (e.g. captain) within a sports team, will impress employers and give your future graduate scheme application a helping hand.

It’s an opportunity to try something new

As previously mentioned, most universities offer a vast range of different sports, giving you the opportunity to try something new and push yourself outside your comfort zone. If you’ve always wondered what lacrosse, ultimate frisbee or quidditch must be like to play, now’s your chance. Don’t look back on your university experience in a few years’ time, regretting that you didn’t try something.

You’ll have fun!

If you’re not into sport, you might be a bit sceptical of this one – but trust me, once you’ve found the sport for you, it could become a passion for years to come. University can be stressful, with the pressure of doing your work and meeting deadlines bound to have an impact on your mood.  University sports teams allow you to let out this tension with your friends, in a supportive environment. Once you’ve found the right balance between your social life and your academic life, you’ll be able to look back on a memorable and enjoyable university experience.

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This article was originally published in August 2017 . It was last updated in March 2022

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