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10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Studying Abroad in the US main image
19 Feb 2015
Preparing to study abroad? Check out these 10 pearls of wisdom, from a UK student returned from a year abroad in the US.
Why the Year Abroad Shouldn’t be the Best Year of Your Life main image
15 Jan 2015
Planning to spend a year abroad during your studies? Find out why it WILL be great – but it still shouldn’t be the best year of your life.
5 Startup Lessons from an Online Entrepreneur main image
14 Jan 2015
Want to start your own business? Take on board these five key startup lessons from the online entrepreneur behind student platform Docsity.
TOPUNIVERSITIES advice by date
How Hard is it to Study Abroad in Germany? main image
11 Dec 2014
Want to study abroad in Germany? Make sure you’re ready to face the challenges – from breaking through the language barrier to meeting living costs.
9 Tips for Surviving City Life main image
28 Nov 2014
Want to study in London, New York, Hong Kong or another big city? Read these tips on how to survive city life.
How to Write a Scholarship Application Cover Letter main image
10 Sep 2014
Applying for scholarships? Get advice on how to write a successful scholarship application cover letter.
5 Top Tips When Applying for a US Student Visa main image
23 Jul 2014
Get some expert advice to help ensure your US student visa application is successful.
7 Unusual Ways to Improve Your Decision-Making Skills main image
18 Jul 2014
Is making decisions difficult for you? Here are 7 surprising but effective tips that will help improve your decision making skills.