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TOPUNIVERSITIES applications by date
Top Tips for Writing a Great Personal Statement main image
24 Nov 2017
Writing the perfect personal statement isn't easy, especially when a blank page keeps staring back at you. These tips will help you get started.
5 Videos You Must Watch Before You Study Engineering main image
31 Jan 2017
Planning to study engineering? Watch these 5 videos for tips on choosing the right math class, boosting your employability and more…
How to Decide When to Take the GRE main image
05 Jan 2017
When should you take the GRE? Follow these six steps to identify the optimal date to sit the test.
TOPUNIVERSITIES applications by date
What to Do if Your University Application is Rejected main image
29 Sep 2016
Didn’t get a place at your chosen university? Don’t despair! Follow these 8 steps to improve your next university application.
5 Ways to Sabotage Your Own Grad School Application main image
23 Aug 2016
 Applying to grad school? Make sure to avoid these 5 common mistakes! 
How to Combat College Entrance Exam Nerves main image
16 May 2016
Exam nerves can damage your ability to think calmly and retain focus. Follow these simple steps to keep nerves under control! 
10 Tips for Writing a Personal Statement for University Applications main image
29 Jun 2015
Applying to university in the UK? Follow these 10 steps to ensure your personal statement gives you the best chance of success.
How to Apply for a Masters Degree in the UK main image
26 Feb 2015
Want to study a master’s degree at a UK university? Follow this guide to UK university admissions at master’s level.