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TOPUNIVERSITIES engineering by date
7 Things Only Chemical Engineering Students Rant About main image
08 Mar 2017
So much math and so little time to socialize…being a chemical engineering student can be hard sometimes.
5 Videos You Must Watch Before You Study Engineering main image
31 Jan 2017
Planning to study engineering? Watch these 5 videos for tips on choosing the right math class, boosting your employability and more…
5 Marvels of Biomedical Engineering that Came Straight Out of a Comic Book  main image
03 Oct 2016
 Interested in biomedical engineering? Discover 5 ways biomedical technology is blurring the line between reality and sci-fi.
TOPUNIVERSITIES engineering by date
5 Myths About Women in Engineering – Busted main image
26 Sep 2016
Think you understand the engineering gender gap? Get ready to reexamine your assumptions, as we bust five common myths.
civil engineering
31 Mar 2016
Check out our infographic covering fast facts about civil engineering, including myths, career paths and famous engineers.
How to Develop Your Software Engineering Career main image
04 Mar 2016
Not sure what to do with your software engineering degree? Here are some key trends you need to be ready for!
5 Reasons to Study Industrial Engineering main image
23 Feb 2016
Not sure whether an industrial engineering degree is for you? Check out these 5 reasons, from an industrial engineering graduate.
Top 5 Reasons to Study Engineering main image
13 Jul 2015
Not sure whether to study engineering? Can’t remember why you enrolled? These five reasons are guaranteed to boost your motivation!