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5 Halloween Costumes That Will Terrify Students main image
30 Oct 2019
These Halloween costumes will frighten the life out of students…
6 Books to Scare Students at Halloween main image
29 Oct 2019
Looking for some spooky books to read this Halloween? Look no further…
Halloween traditions at US universities  main image
25 Oct 2019
Find how some of the top universities in the US celebrate Halloween.
TOPUNIVERSITIES Halloween by date
Five Scary Things They Don't Tell You About University main image
23 Oct 2019
Just when you thought university wasn’t scary enough...
Quiz: What Should Your Last-Minute Halloween Costume Be? main image
31 Oct 2017
Left it too late to sort out a proper costume? Take our quiz and find a costume idea that will take 15 minutes or less.
Why I Despise Halloween  main image
30 Oct 2017
This is why the second biggest commercial holiday in America is so vile.
How Much Do You Really Know About Halloween? main image
27 Oct 2017
With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to test your knowledge with our spooktacular quiz.
 5 of the World's Most Haunted Universities main image
24 Oct 2016
Whet your appetite for horror in the run up to Halloween, with our list of the world’s top haunted universities!