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UK Student Broadband Packages: Tips and Picks main image
18 Jun 2015
Looking for a good student broadband deal while studying in the UK? Get an overview of the best packages currently on offer.
5 Startup Lessons from an Online Entrepreneur main image
14 Jan 2015
Want to start your own business? Take on board these five key startup lessons from the online entrepreneur behind student platform Docsity.
How to Improve Your CV by Blogging main image
12 Nov 2014
Want to impress potential employers? Find out how to improve your CV by blogging – and how to write a professional blog post.
TOPUNIVERSITIES internet by date
25 Useful Apps for Journalism Students main image
31 Oct 2014
Here is my list of some of the most useful apps for journalism students and graduates. Try them out; you’ll be surprised how much you can achieve!
Top New Technologies for Students main image
19 Sep 2014
What new student technology is on the market today? From smart pens to smart backpacks, see what innovations are changing students’ lives.
7 Reasons to Take a MOOC main image
29 Aug 2014
Seven reasons why you should consider taking a MOOC or other online education course as a prospective university student. 
How do Digital Natives Research Universities Online? main image
27 Aug 2014
Five lessons from the Students Online: Global Trends report, showing how ‘digital native’ prospective students research universities online.
Funding and Visa Information Greatest Challenges for Prospective Students main image
19 Aug 2014
What information do prospective students struggle to access? Get insights from the Students Online: Global Trends report.