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Types of Master’s Degrees main image
21 Jan 2020
Find out about different types of master’s degrees, including information on entry requirements, coursework type and professional outcomes.
Why Studying a Masters in Business Will Enhance Your Career main image
05 Mar 2015
Choosing to study business at university, whether you do so in general or by specializing in one of the ‘FAME’ subjects (finance, accounting, management and economics), has long been considered a wise move within higher education.
How to Apply for a Masters Degree in the UK main image
26 Feb 2015
Want to study a master’s degree at a UK university? Follow this guide to UK university admissions at master’s level.
TOPUNIVERSITIES master's degree by date
How to Choose a Masters Degree main image
24 Feb 2015
Follow these five steps to find the right master’s degree for you.
Masters in France: Guide to Program Types main image
19 Sep 2014
Find out about the most common types of master’s in France, including the Diplôme National de Master and Mastère Spécialisé.
What is a Master’s Degree? main image
14 Jan 2014
Get an answer to the question “What is a master’s degree?” – including information on types of master’s degree and why to study one.
Writing a Master’s Thesis: Basic Recipe main image
02 Apr 2013
Get Valeria's recipe for a successful master's thesis.
Five Unusual Approaches to Thesis Presentation main image
18 Feb 2013
It turns out Powerpoint isn't the only thesis presentation option available to you. Why not try something more unique?