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Why Studying a Masters in Business Will Enhance Your Career

Why Studying a Masters in Business Will Enhance Your Career main image

Choosing to study business at university, whether you do so in general or by specializing in one of the ‘FAME’ subjects (finance, accounting, management and economics), has long been considered a wise move within higher education. Business graduates have always ranked well in terms of employment, salary, and job satisfaction compared to their peers – studying for a master’s in business, whether an MBA or other type of master’s degree, is a reliable step towards career success.

Why study a master’s degree?

Almost all master’s degrees can help boost your career prospects.  The most common function is to differentiate yourself in a crowded market. Competition for the most sought-after jobs is greater than ever before, and more and more of the workforce have an undergraduate degree. Work experience is always valuable, but having a master’s degree can help you stand out even more.

Why specialize in business?

While just about any master’s degree will come in handy, business degrees are particularly worthwhile. This is for a number of reasons:
  • Business degrees are versatile. The majority of jobs are in a ‘business’ of some sort, and the skills you learn in a business degree are highly transferable. On that note…
  • You’ll gain highly desirable skills. There are certain skills that are handy in the workplace which any master’s degree will help grow; time management, critical thinking and writing technique are all examples. Postgraduate business degrees go one step further. Not only will you have the chance to learn specialized professional skills in many business-related courses (accountancy etc.), but you’ll develop an understanding of businesses and the environments they operate in, as well as skills such as strategic planning and project management.
  • Specializing in business demonstrates a commitment to your career. Master’s degrees in other areas are a wonderful opportunity to pursue subjects that you’re passionate about, and many will be appreciated in the workplace too. However, this can’t compete with the fact that the time you spend studying a master’s in business is time you’re spending in direct preparation for the workplace. Not only will you be demonstrating your ambition, but you’ll also be showcasing a self-starting, self-motivated nature.

One of the most popular forms of studying business at postgraduate level is by doing a Master of Business Administration (MBA). MBAs are typically much more expensive than other master’s degrees, but can also lead to the most dramatic salary increases, with post-MBA average salaries comfortably over US$100,000 in many regions. A wide range of MA and MSc programs are also available, covering a wide range of different business-related specializations.

How can you enhance your career while studying?

As a business student, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to start making valuable connections for your future career. Not only do desirable employers frequently meet postgraduate business students in visits to institutions, but the students you meet during your degree are likely to be just as motivated as you, and can be excellent contacts for the future.

As previously mentioned, the job market is crowded with high-flying graduates. Work experience and success within academia are important, but you are also more than the sum of your qualifications. Employers want to see that you’d make a good employee, but also get an idea of who you are as a person. With the relative flexibility of a student’s schedule, studying for your master’s in business is a great time to undertake extra-curricular experiences (such as volunteering, travel, sports and other hobbies) that adds character to your CV.

How can you find a master’s in business?

Our brand new course matching tool is an excellent resource for finding a postgraduate business degree. It’s a user-friendly search tool that enables you to find the perfect program for you by answering four simple questions. You can narrow down the results based on your preferences, for example, if you'd like to study at a stronger university for the 'employer reputation' indicator of the World University Rankings, or if you'd prefer to study at a university with a high proportion of international students. 

If you think you’re ready to take the first step towards giving your career prospects the boost a master’s in business can provide, visit one of our sites today.

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