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7 Things Only Chemical Engineering Students Rant About main image
08 Mar 2017
So much math and so little time to socialize…being a chemical engineering student can be hard sometimes.
5 Marvels of Biomedical Engineering that Came Straight Out of a Comic Book  main image
03 Oct 2016
 Interested in biomedical engineering? Discover 5 ways biomedical technology is blurring the line between reality and sci-fi.
5 Myths About Women in Engineering – Busted main image
26 Sep 2016
Think you understand the engineering gender gap? Get ready to reexamine your assumptions, as we bust five common myths.
Architecture Versus Architectural Engineering main image
14 Jan 2016
Not sure whether to study architecture or architectural engineering? Compare specializations and career paths in each field.
6 Common Misconceptions About Mathematics Degrees main image
25 Feb 2015
Is studying maths really just about algebra, calculators and giant glasses? Bust some common misconceptions about mathematics degrees.
Student Survey Reflects Gender Differences Among Indian Applicants main image
23 Jun 2014
The 2014 International Trends in Student Mobility report reveals significant gender differences among Indian women and men applying to study abroad.