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TOPUNIVERSITIES student life by date
What’s coming to Netflix in your country this month main image
06 Apr 2017
Need a distraction from your studies? Here’s what we’ll be watching on Netflix this month.
The 11 Stages of Revision We All Go Through main image
05 Apr 2017
Revising is hard. Really hard. But you’re not on your own, and here’s the proof!
Top University Pranks main image
30 Mar 2017
Need some inspiration for creating the best university pranks this April Fools' Day? Learn from the best…
TOPUNIVERSITIES student life by date
4 of the Best Vloggers for Student Life in Paris main image
20 Feb 2017
Want to study abroad in Paris? Check out what these 4 vloggers have to say about the city of love. 
7 Times Montréal Proved it’s the World’s #1 Student City main image
15 Feb 2017
Montréal has been named the world’s #1 city for students this year. Find out why, with these 7 perfect moments captured on Instagram.
Will you die alone? main image
08 Feb 2017
With Valentine's Day just round the corner, take this quiz to find out whether you'll die alone!
5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Brain Power main image
30 Jan 2017
Want to boost your brain power? Prof. Andrei Shenin shares five tried and tested strategies!
How to Help Fight Climate Change at University main image
27 Jan 2017
Want to help in the fight against climate change? Find out how you can have a positive impact at university.