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Anthropology Degrees

Rather ambitiously, anthropology degrees set out to investigate humankind and human society, from the physical evolution of the human body and brain, through to the political, cultural and linguistic practices of modern societies. The UK’s University College London (UCL) sums up the diversity of the subject by describing anthropology as, “The most scientific of the humanities, the most humanistic of the sciences.”

Key Skills

Common skills gained from an anthropology degree include:

  • Data analysis, including working with statistics
  • General IT skills
  • General research skills
  • Presenting coherent, well-supported arguments
  • Critical evaluation
  • Self-management, including planning and meeting deadlines
  • Broad cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Ability to approach issues from multiple perspectives
  • Nonjudgmental approach to human diversity
  • Effective and professional communication, both spoken and written