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6 Reasons to Enroll in a Business Summer School

By Laura Bridgestock

Updated March 5, 2016 Updated March 5, 2016

This article is sponsored by Cass Business School.

What are you doing this summer? Lying on a beach? Hiking up a mountain? Or learning how to run a multi-million pound hedge fund? For ambitious students, enrolling in summer school is becoming an increasingly popular way to expand their experience, enhance their qualifications or test out life at business school. As a result, a rising number of business schools are opening their doors to students eager to give their career a head-start during the summer period.

Cass Business School in London, UK, is a recent example of a leading global business school to enter the business summer school market. From its campus between London’s Square Mile and Tech City, Cass is launching a three-week business summer school for 150 students in 2015. Known as the Cass London Summer School, it will offer seven intensive courses spanning topics such as the essentials of finance and quantitative methods, marketing, hedge funds and M&A.

The school’s Professor Alessandro Beber, who is in charge of the program, explains, “Taught over 12 days, our summer school courses will consist of lectures, tutorials and short case studies. They will be based on Cass’s regular modules and will be delivered by full-time faculty, guaranteeing students receive the same academic rigor and quality of teaching as full-time postgraduates.”

Here are six reasons to consider enrolling in a business summer school:

1. Prepare for business school

Cass’s London Summer School is largely targeted at prospective MSc students who want to boost their knowledge ahead of starting business school. “The demanding and intensive nature of our one-year MSc means students need to be able to jump in at the beginning, and those who may not have a strong finance or business background occasionally find the first term challenging, says Prof Beber. “Summer school gives students a kick-start and helps them to embark on their chosen degree with confidence.”

Courses on offer at Cass Business School’s London Summer School include introductions to the fundamentals of finance, accounting and quantitative methods. For those with more specific careers in mind, Cass is offering courses in contemporary marketing strategy, strategy management, hedge funds and mergers and acquisitions.

2. Get a head start in the job market

The program also aims to attract graduates seeking to enhance their CVs before entering the job market, in addition to undergraduates keen to combine a short course with travel overseas. As Prof Beber continues, “The current job market is extremely competitive, and companies want to hire young professionals who can make an immediate impact in the workplace. Summer school is a chance for students to learn the fundamentals of business, get a leg up in the job market, and enjoy London’s social scene.”

3. Gain overseas experience

Students enrolling in an overseas business summer school will also benefit from the international exposure provided. “Employers hiring graduates are looking for students with industry knowledge and exposure overseas,” Beber says. “Enrolling in summer school is a good way for students to bolster their qualifications and ensure their CVs stand out from the crowd.”

4. Gain transferable credits

Students opting to attend a business summer school can often receive credits that count towards their studies at other institutions. “Many institutions from all over the world grant credit for summer school courses,” explains Prof Beber. “While ultimately it is up to a student’s home institution as to how much credit is awarded, generally our courses at Cass Business School are awarded five ECTS in the European system.”

5. Learn from industry experts

Studying at summer school has other benefits too. Built into Cass Business School’s summer program are networking events and guest lectures from industry experts from London’s famous Square Mile. Bringing in speakers from the City of London helps to strengthen the link between academic study and contemporary business practice.

6. Explore one of the world’s most exciting cities

The Cass London Summer School program also includes organized sightseeing tours, taking in the UK capital’s famous historic and cultural sights, together with the opportunity to explore the city’s buzzing nightlife and social scene. “Most summer schools welcome students from across the world to their programs each year, giving you the opportunity to meet and make new friends,” says Prof Beber.

“Ultimately, enrolling at an international summer school is about much more than learning. London is one of the world’s greatest cities, especially in the summer. This is a chance to experience everything it has to offer, make new friends and give your CV an edge.”

Find out more about Cass Business School’s Summer School program or

This article was originally published in August 2014 . It was last updated in March 2016

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