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Masters in Gastronomy

Gastronomy is a relatively new and growing university subject, which has been gaining momentum over recent years, with more and more aspiring food and drink professionals turning to universities to acquire specialist training in the industry.

A sinking food supply and growing demand from consumers for more processed foods and ready-to-eat meals have opened doors for students and graduates interested in food-related areas, including sustainability, food journalism, food policy and tourism.

A Masters in Gastronomy will prepare you to tackle a variety of issues in the field including, but not limited to, food culture, biology, products and origins, culinary techniques, best practices, and business management. 

Key Skills

Common skills gained with a degree in gastronomy include:

  • High-level writing and analysis
  • Industry knowledge
  • Expert knowledge in culinary techniques and trends
  • The ‘soft’ skills required for a career in food service, hospitality and/ or tourism
  • Commercial acumen and entrepreneurship