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Modern Language Degrees

It’s amazing how far an additional language can get you, especially in a world in which global relationships are often a necessity for businesses and organizations to thrive. Because of this, graduates of modern language degrees have long been in demand across many sectors of business and industry, in roles that extend well beyond interpretation and translation to encompass all elements of business transaction, international cooperation and politics.

Key Skills

Common skills gained from a modern languages degree include:

  • The ability to communicate clearly in a foreign language, both verbally and in writing
  • Professional communication, spoken and written
  • Sensitivity to different cultural contexts
  • The ability to work independently
  • General research skills, including use of academic literature
  • General IT skills
  • Self-management, including planning and meeting deadlines
  • Analyzing written and visual sources
  • Constructing and defending a coherent argument
  • Approaching issues from multiple perspectives
  • Self-reflection and critical judgment
  • Adaptability and flexibility