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Theology, Divinity & Religious Studies Degrees

Are you interested in exploring the world’s religions? If so, you should consider studying theology, divinity and religious studies at university to survey religious traditions, texts and faiths both outside and within socio-cultural contexts. Click on the tabs below to find out what to expect from theology degrees, including the course structure and entry requirements, specializations, and what you could go on to do after graduation.

Key Skills

Studying theology, divinity and religious studies, you will need and develop:

  • Empathy and diplomacy
  • Strong written communication
  • Research and citation work
  • Analytical thinking
  • Reading and interpretation of complex texts
  • Ability to construct and maintain an argument
  • Awareness of historic debates in the field
  • Understanding of contemporary issues
  • Expertise in one or more religions
  • Organization and time management
  • Ability to approach an issue from multiple perspectives
  • Understanding of historic and cultural contexts