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QS World University Rankings: Sustainability 2024 - Release Summary

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Anna Zielinska

Updated May 22, 2024



Table of contents

Table of contents


Occasionally errors are reported after the analysis is complete and after institutions have received their rank and scores. In such cases, QS first rectifies the issue and where necessary updates the institution with a corrected set of results. If a rank change occurs we place the corrected institution in its correct position but leave all other institutions unaffected. This can result in two institutions in the same rank position with slightly different scores. In the case of an institution being removed from the rankings, again no other institutions will be affected but a gap may appear in the ranks.

Rankings corrections can take place either before or after publication (5th December 2023). These are referred to as pre and post release corrections. You can see the major corrections made to this edition in the table below.

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Pre release Aalborg University from Denmark moved to the position 183 after a correction to their institutional data.