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5 Ways University Summer School Will Change Your Life

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Facing tough competition to land a place on your dream degree, meeting the minimum entry requirements simply isn’t enough. To give yourself the best chance of success, you need to differentiate yourself, and this is where summer school comes in.

So. A waste of time or an ingenious way to boost your application?

To help you make up your mind, here are five ways a university summer course could change your life forever...

1. You'll find out if your chosen subject is REALLY for you.

Attending a summer course is a great way to explore your field in more depth before you commit to a full degree. Explore your options; try new things; figure out what really motivates you. Speak to leading experts and professors and get advice for your next steps. Learn as much as possible so you're confident in your choice – and ready to explain it in an admissions interview.

2. You'll see behind the scenes.

Spending time immersed in a university city is a great way to broaden your horizons and get a taster of student life. The summer course offered by Cambridge Immerse takes you through every facet of life as a Cambridge student. Living in student halls, you'll meet students enrolled at the university, learn from eminent experts and have a chance to explore parts of the city most tourists don't have access to.

3. You'll leave with an international social network.

Many university summer courses attract students from all over the world. The international aspect of the program is a learning experience in itself! Many summer schools will also organize trips and activities to help participants build lasting friendships through shared experiences. In Cambridge, you could learn to play croquet, experience your first ever 'bop', hop on a bus to 'the other place' (hint: it starts with "Ox..."), and enjoy free time strolling by the river with your summer school course-mates – many of whom are likely to remain part of your new international network.

4. You'll get expert advice for your application.

Attending a summer course will help you demonstrate your commitment to your chosen subject, give you valuable experiences to discuss in your application, and could even provide you with insider tips and advice about admissions. On the Cambridge Immerse program, summer school tutors are on hand to help with interview practice, your personal statement, and to answer any questions you might have about applications.

5. You'll be ready to take on uni life!

Starting university is a huge transition, and summer school is the perfect way to make sure you're ready for what's ahead. Now's the time to ask all those questions you thought were 'stupid' (they're not), get to grips with all the jargon, and at the same time explore a location you might soon be studying in full-time. After the immersive experience of summer school, arriving for your first 'real' week on campus will be much less daunting – though just as exciting!

Like the idea of spending your summer gazing at the majestic towers of King’s College Chapel, walking in the footsteps of countless celebrated thinkers, and indulging in the world-famous Fitzbillies’ Chelsea buns? Check out Cambridge Immerse’s summer school program.

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