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How to choose a top sports university in the UK

By Chloe Lane

Updated May 12, 2022 Updated May 12, 2022

Sponsored by The Student Sport Company  

Sports teams are a great place to meet new people and attend social events, improve your fitness levels and learn valuable teamwork skills that will translate to university work and your career.  

Whether you’re an aspiring professional or simply looking to play a sport casually, there are plenty of options available to you at UK universities. 

If playing sports to a high level is important to you, here’s how to choose a university with excellent sporting opportunities.   

Assess the standard of competition  

Most UK universities will offer multiple teams in each of their sports to encourage students of all ability levels to get involved in competitive sport. Comparing the standard of competition at each university is essential when assessing your options.  

A part of International Sporting Solutions Limited, The Student Sport Company offers a range of free services that help match students to relevant sporting opportunities at UK universities. 

The Student Sport Company’s wide-reaching network and in-depth understanding of university sport in the UK helps students identify potential opportunities where they can study and play sports.  

Whether you’re looking to compete at national level, or you’re a less experienced athlete looking for opportunities to play sport at university, the Student Sport Company can find the best option for you. 

Evaluate the sports opportunities at each university 

Throughout the UK, more than 5,000 university teams regularly compete across 50 different sports. This means you can usually find the opportunity to join a sports team at any university across the UK.  

Each university in the UK is different, offering different programmes, modules, extra-curricular activities and events. Of course, the standard of sport also varies from university to university. 

If you’re looking to study at a school with a high level of sporting achievement, this can make it difficult to choose a sports-focused university. 

This is where The Student Sport Company can help. It helps students explore the quality of athletic facilities across different intuitions and identifies universities with a high standard of competition. 

The company has successfully helped students from more than 20 countries in pursuing their sporting and academic ambitions in the UK. 

Access a growing network of sporting contacts 

If playing sports at a professional level is something you aspire to, it’s important to grow your professional contacts in the industry.  

The Student Sport Company has developed relationships with coaches and leading sporting and academic institutions across the UK. It uses this expertise to help students find universities with excellent sporting facilities and compares these possible options. 

The company aims to give students the advice and knowledge they need to make an informed decision about where to study.  

Discover which universities offer sports scholarships 

Sports scholarships, grants and bursaries aren’t just for students studying a sports-related degree, but are instead based on athletic ability and potential.  

If you are a talented athlete who wishes to continue competing at an elite level alongside your studies, you may be eligible for a scholarship. 

 The Student Sport Company works with sports staff across the country to help domestic and international students evaluate their chances of gaining sports scholarships


This article was originally published in April 2022 . It was last updated in May 2022

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