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Why You Should Attend a University Fair if You Want to Study Abroad

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Mathilde Frot

Updated Sep 18, 2017



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Studying abroad is full of challenges, from learning a new language to making new friends, but one of the biggest hurdles is often getting a place at a university in the first place. With the majority of places at most top universities going to domestic students, it’s fair to say you need to take every advantage available to you in order to boost your chances of being accepted by undergraduate admissions staff.

One of the most successful ways to make your application stand out is to attend a university fair in your country (such as the ones organized by QS), and meet admissions staff directly.

Learn straight from the horse’s mouth

Remember that in addition to promoting their university, admissions staff also attend these events to be on the lookout for great candidates. Asking the right questions and making a good impression might mean they remember your name when it comes to going through applications. Failing that, it’s also an opportunity to pick their brains for any admissions pet peeves or insider tips that could make your application stand out.

Whether you’re wondering about the SAT, IELTS and TOEFL scores actually expected of you as an international student, or the finer points of the degree curriculum, you’ll get a chance to speak to admissions representatives from a wide range of universities.

Another perk of the QS World University Fair is that you’ll also be invited to attend free seminars and workshops to learn how to perfect your university or scholarship application.

Apply for scholarships to study abroad

Attend a QS World University Tour fair in your home country to find out about a wide range of study abroad scholarships you may be eligible for and get a head start on your application. Attend a free workshop or seminar at the fair to learn simple ways to make your application stand out and increase your chances of receiving funding.

Discover colleges you hadn’t considered

While the QS World University Rankings can be a good starting place when comparing universities abroad, keep in mind that rankings never show you the full picture. Consider the course curriculum and reading list, the faculty’s values and approach to your field, and of course, the university’s location, to make sure you’re a good fit for the faculty and campus.

Most events on the QS World University Tour will have around 30 universities, if not more, represented from all around the world. At the fair, try to retain an open mind. You might find the university you had in mind isn’t right for you at all and that you’d be much happier at a lower ranking one. You don’t want to be snooty about university reputation, especially with universities in the higher echelons of the rankings, when your wellbeing and mental health could be in the balance.

Find a fair near you and register for it here.