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BI Norwegian Business School Scholarship: What You Need to Know

BI Norwegian Business School: What You Need to Know main image

BI Norwegian Business School and QS have joined together to offer an exclusive scholarship, available to all attendees of the QS World Grad School Tour. The scholarship covers 100 percent of tuition fees and is available to two students every year. Based on academic performance, you may also be able to have the scholarship renewed for your second year of study.

To learn more about the scholarship and how you can make your application stand out, we spoke to Shani Pearson, the school’s international recruitment coordinator.

Why has your institution been motivated to offer this scholarship?

By working with QS, BI Norwegian Business School is increasing our brand presence with international students and positioning our master’s programs among the top academic performers. As a triple accredited and highly-ranked business school, we aim to ensure international diversity in our programs and want to attract strong candidates seeking a top-notch business education.

What should all prospective applicants know about your institution before they apply?

BI Norwegian Business School is the top business school in Norway. Our programmes and faculties are highly ranked and our accreditations are a symbol of quality. We know we aren’t the obvious choice (everyone is worried about the cold since we are located in the north) so we’re looking for candidates who want to stand out from the crowd and who will dare to do something different.

What should students demonstrate in their applications?

The ideal candidate for the BI Norwegian Business School/QS Scholarship needs to demonstrate a strong academic record. All our scholarships are awarded based on academic performance. We also want the candidate to have met us at our booth at the QS World Grad Fair or during a QS Connect 1-2-1. They need to know that BI Norwegian Business School is the right school for them.

Why do you feel scholarships are important?

Attracting the best academic performers is a priority at BI Norwegian Business School so our scholarship program is designed to attract top international students to our master’s programs. We have a generous scholarship program which includes the two scholarships available for candidates who meet us at the QS World Grad Fair Tour. These scholarships fund tuition for up to two years.

Aside from this scholarship, why do you feel students should consider applying to your institution? What makes your institution unique?

We’re looking for candidates who dare to do something different. Norway is one of the best countries in the world to live in, has one of the strongest and most stable economies, and is known for its adventurous spirit (think about the Vikings sailing to all ends of the earth and the polar explorers skiing to the North and South Poles).

It’s not the obvious choice for many. But, for those seeking a business degree that will make them stand out from the crowd, BI Norwegian Business School is a good choice.  

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