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International Scholarships to Study in Australia

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Always wanted to study in Australia? Captivated by the idea of spending your student years enjoying barbeques, surfing and studying at a prestigious Australian university? Now’s your chance, with this selection of Australian scholarships.

The list below covers government-funded, externally funded and university-specific Australian scholarships for international students at bachelor’s, master’s and PhD level.

Government-funded Australian scholarships for international students

University-specific Australian scholarships for international students

Other Australian scholarships for international students

This article was originally published in August 2014. It was updated in January 2016.

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Written by Laura Tucker
Laura is a former staff writer for, providing advice and guidance for students on a range of topics helping them to choose where to study, get admitted and find funding and scholarships. A graduate of Queen Mary University of London, Laura also blogs about student life.

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Hi, i am Parsha from Bangladesh. i am studying zoology in one of the public university of my country. i want to get my masters degree with full free scholarship at any of Australian Universty . it will be better for me if the university is near to Sydney. is there any university near Sydney that provide full free scholarship for a zoology student and which requirements are they needed ? THANKS IN ADVANCE.

Hi, I'm Sunli from Indonesia. I haven't finished my bachelor yet. I'm studying the English Education in one of state universities in my city right now. I really want to get my master degree in any of Australian Universities with full-scholarship. Can someone recommend which one of those scholarships I can apply? and I still am confused which university is good for my major....thanks in advence.


Hi i'm from Vietnam and i want to study Law, Communication or Social Policy and Administration in a University in Australia with scholarships or financial aids. Can you help me with that? Thank you very much

Hi Hiển, although I'm not sure about scholarships for social policy and administration, you can view scholarships for Australia included in our list of law school scholarships around the world. 

Hi. I have done my masters (16 years) in maths with a gold medal. And i want to know if there are some available scholarships which offer MS/PHD in maths. Thankyou

Hi , I'm from Malaysia and going to pursue Bachelor of Pharmacy at University of Queensland . Hence , I'm wondering is there any scholarship available for me to apply as I just got my offer letter few days ago and most of the scholarship are closed for now . Thank you .

hi my name is dawood and i am from india i had recently completed my btech degree in computer science with 70% is their any scholarship for me for m tech <masters>

Hi Dawood. We have lots of different scholarship listings - take a look to see if any of these match your background and aims!

Hi.I am still going in high school and I am 4th grade of Catholic school center "Don Bosco" Žepče(which is the best in my country).I am Croatian citizen and I have all the Croatian papers (certificate of citizenship, passport ...).I am an excellent student all 4 years, and by profession I am a technician for mechatronics (mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science).I read some articles here and I want to study abroad because I like to study and go abroad because education system here is old.I want to know if you can give me a few pointers where to look and watch the faculty where I can get a scholarship.

Hi Sabrina, I've recently completed my As level with straight As in Math, Physics and Chemistry. I want to pursue my undergraduate studies at university of melbourne. When do the applications go live and am I eligible for scholarship if I am able to take an extra subject and score 4A*'s in my final A levels.

Hi,I am Manuja from Sri Lanka.I like to study computer science or engineering either in
Australia or in New Zealand.But since I have financial issues,I want to find a full or partial paid scholarship.Can someone help me on this?

Hi Manuja, I've replied to your comment here. :)

Hi this is Kevin Bollozos. I'm from Cebu Philippines. I'm 18 years old and an undergraduate college level of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology in one of our universities here, I stopped due to financial problems. I live on my own now and wanted to continue studying this course overseas. I'm also working right now as Customer Service Representative in one of Call Center's Company here to aid my daily expenses, as I'm still searching some good opportunities or scholarship abroad. I'm wondering if you can offer me? I really wanted to finish my studies with a productive, trusted, best, prestigious and universities that would really improve me. I hope you can help me.

Hi Laura,

I am entering my final year of Sport & exercise Science and would like to pursue a career in the Nutrition field, at the moment I am looking at doing a post graduate degree in Dietetics. I was hoping if you are aware of any international post grad scholarships in the area of nutrition that are available?

I will have graduated from my current degree by summer 2017.


Hello Laura,

I am an amateur researcher in the water field and looking for a PhD. Could you please help me with finding the scholarships that fully funds the study period?

Thank you!
Sabina Khatri

Hi Sabina, please take a look at our article on how to get PhD funding. Hope it's helpful.

I'm Sayashi from Bangladesh have completed my HSC examination. I want to apply for scholarship for MBBS degree in Australia. Can u pls help me to know what examinations I should appear in and at least how marks I should achieve for my eligibility for applying scholarship in Australia?

Hello Sabrina,

I am a Yemeni student holding Bachelor degree In Finance and i want to pursue my high education in finance or business. Could you please guide me to where i can get a scholarship and any pieces of advice on how to apply for.

Best regards,

Hi Abdula. We have lots of different types of scholarships listed here - take a look to see which ones you might be eligible for. If you attend a QS World Grad School Tour event, you'll also be eligible to apply for QS Scholarships. Our Scholarships FAQ might also be useful. Best of luck!

I'm an Indian student currently studying MBBS in china.. After i complete my coarse i would like to do my MD in Australia, what are the requirements to get into Australian universities and practice medicine in Australia, and what scholarships am i eligible for?

Thanks. :)

Hi Arun, you might need to sit the GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical Schools Admission Test) as part of the entry requirements for your MD degree - you should check with your chosen Australian university's official website for full details on entry requirements and the admissions process. For more general advice, please read our guide on how to study abroad in Australia. We also have a list of medical scholarships around the world, which includes options for studying in Australia. Hope this helps! 

Hi Sabrina!
Should I apply to universites first or try to get a Scholarship? I'd study abroad only with them.
What can I do on a Qs event?


Hi Rafael, you should usually gain admission to a university first and then apply for scholarships. However, If you're relying on scholarship funding in order to be able to study, you should let your chosen university know of your situation, and inform them if you have to reject the place due to a lack of funding. (Hopefully this won't happen!) You can find out about our World Grad School Tour and World University Tour events here. For more advice on finding a scholarship, please download our guide. Hope this helps! :) 

I'm Mahlet from Ethiopia. I have done my degree of physic, so far I have been worked for 3 years as a teacher, now I would like to take the opportunity to being a medical engineering.
How can i get scholarship and go to Australia for studying?

Hi Mahlet, please take a look at our list of scholarships to study in Australia. :)

Hello, i have done my intermediate and waiting for the result.. I want study in genetic engineering abroad, specifically in Australia.. I currently live in Bangladesh... How can i get scholarship and go to Australia for studying?
Plz guide me ........

i m from pakistan. i done my in Applied Psychology.And want full scholarship study for MS in clinical psychology.plz guide me how to search and apply.thanks

Hi Ayesha, to help you to find a scholarship, you might like to start by browsing the information on the official website of your chosen institution, which should include full details of scholarships and funding opportunities available, the eligibility requirements and how to apply. We have a list of psychology scholarships around the world here. Hope this helps!

Hi. I'm currently studying in intermediate, umm.. I want to complete my graduation in any medical university in Australia. I live in south-asia, so in this kind of purposes which types of schoolarship do I need ? And how can I get that?

Hi Arif, you can find scholarships to study medicine in Australia included in this article - just click on link to the scholarship provider to find out how to apply on its website. :)

I really wish to study Criminal Justice ( Undergraduate) i have some major financial difficulties. Please advise me about the various scholarships available for students from Monrovia. Liberia( West Africa).

Thank you,

Hi Robert, please take a look at our list of scholarships for African students. 

Hi. I'm a dentist here in the Philippines and I'd like to pursue master's degree/diploma in line with my field of work. What scholarship would you recommend? Thanks!

Hi Sabrina,

I'm from Malaysia. From the scholarship list, I cannot find any grants offered for students from Malaysia (PhD). Is there any other links or advice you can provide? My study area of interest is in Business. Thanks!

Hi Ugin, we have a list of business scholarships here. :)


I'm an international student attending Western Sydney U right now. And tuition is a little hard to cover (paying around 7500/semester).

The financial aid office let me know that there isn't much that they could help me with.

My grades are in the 60s/70s with a few distinctions.

Do I have further options that I could explore in terms of scholarships and financial aid? Or was the financial aid office right, and I'm backed into a corner?

Thanks for your help.

Hello, you may like to consider applying for an external scholarship - we have some listed for particular subjects and student groups here, so hopefully you can find the right one for you among these. Good luck!

Want a fullscholarship on masters in special education majoring in sign that program available in any university and how can apply if there is..

hi, i have an admission for a Msc subsea engineering program at Curtin university. I had to defer to next year because of funds. i would be happy if you can point me in the right direction for a full time scholarship.


Hi Oluwafemi, scholarships for Curtin University are listed above under 'university-specific' scholarships, and you can find out more about these by browsing the university's official website. 

Je me présente ; enseignant chercheur je travail sur l'interaction entre la médicine naturelle et la physiopathologie cardiovasculaires et métabolique ainsi Que je suis praticien de la naturo-thérapie je suis en 2 ème année Doctorat je cherche à intégrer votée pôle universitaires .
Cordialement Libdiri Farid

dear QS, i am from Africa (Uganda in specific). i need to further my PhD study in western Australia on a full board scholarship. how do i advance to achieving this great funding opportunity?

Hi Emmanuel, you can find information on how to apply for the University of Western Australia's postgraduate research scholarships by clicking the link above (it's the last one listed under 'university-specific scholarships'.)

Hello! I am an Indonesian. I already do a research about Australian National University and I feel interested about it. I want to ask something. Is there any undergraduate full scholarship to Australia National University? And i also want to know about what is the things that i should prepare if i want to study abroad.

Hello, yes, there are undergraduate scholarships at Australian National University - the link to these is the first one listed under 'university-specific scholarships' in this article. To help you prepare for studying abroad in Australia, please take a look at our complete guide. 

Hello! I'm planning to study Undergraduate Biomedical Science in Australia so I was thinking of applying for full scholarships. I'm currently doing my A-levels(A2) in malaysia. I would say that my O-level grades are pretty decent but I'm planning to resit just one subject for AS-level. I wanted to know if normally high grades are required to apply for full scholarships.

Hello, high grades are usually only required when you're applying for a merit-based scholarship, as these are awarded based on the academic achievements of students. Another common scholarship type is need-based, which means it's based on your financial need. To find out more about how to gain a scholarship to study abroad, please take a look at our guide. 

Hello, I am a Somali. I'm looking for a Full scholarship to study Master of Business Administration in Australia I have completed my first bachelor Degree of Accounting and finance. Please give me advice.

Hi Mohamoud, we don't list MBA scholarships, but our sister site,, has some on offer here, including one to study at the University of Wollongong in Australia. To be eligible for the QS scholarships, you'll need to attend one of our events and complete an MBA applicant survey. Hope this helps!