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Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

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There are many disability scholarships available worldwide, providing financial assistance for students with a physical, sensory or learning disability, or a mental health condition. Read on for a selection of scholarships for students with disabilities, categorized by country.

Disability scholarships in the US and Canada

  • AAHD Frederick J. Krause Scholarship on Health and Disability – Scholarships for students with disabilities, who must be US citizens enrolled full-time as undergraduate or graduate students at any accredited US university. You should be pursuing a degree related to health and disability.
  • Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (AG Bell) College Scholarship Program – Merit-based scholarships for full-time students who are deaf or hard of hearing to study an undergraduate degree at a mainstream college or university. A limited number of scholarships are also available for students pursuing a graduate degree. Open to students from both within and outside the US.
  • Baer Reintegration Scholarship – Scholarships for US citizens who suffer from schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder or bipolar disorder and are currently receiving treatment for their illness. Eligible programs include high school equivalency programs, trade or vocational school programs, associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees and graduate degrees.
  • Flora Marie Jenkins Memorial Disability Scholarship - A scholarship for a disabled US student who has either been accepted or is currently enrolled in an undergraduate program in the US. To apply, you'll need to submit an essay explaining the impact your disability has had on your life.
  • Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA) Educational Scholarships – Four categories of scholarship aimed at supporting students with blood disorders, including the Medical/Healthcare Services Educational Scholarship, aimed at those studying for a career in the medical field. (The 2018 application round has expired so you’ll need to wait for the 2019 round to open.)
  • Microsoft DisAbility Scholarship – Scholarships for disabled high school seniors from any country to study an undergraduate program in a US university or technical college. You must have a passion for technology, show financial need and declare a major in engineering, computer science, computer information systems, law, business, or a related subject.
  • National Center for Learning Disabilities Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarships – Scholarships for two high school seniors from the US with documented learning disabilities and/or ADHD who are about to undertake post-secondary education.
  • Google Lime Scholarship Program – Scholarships for disabled students from any country to study at any level at a Canadian or US university. You must be studying a computer science or computer engineering degree, or a degree in a closely related technical field.
  • Shire Canada ADHD Scholarship Program – Scholarships for legal residents of Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, or Québec who have ADHD, to study at any accredited higher education institution in one of the aforementioned provinces.
  • DisabilityAwards.ca – A searchable portal of financial awards for disabled students from Canada.
  • Scholarships for students with Autism - Autism scholarships are available from Iconic Displays, MediaWorks, Learning Ally Scholarships and SunWise. To apply, you need to be a US citizen, and either be a recent high school graduate, current undergraduate, or be currently attending an Autism School. You also need to be either accepted by or currently enrolled in an accredited school.

Disability scholarships in Europe

To study anywhere in Europe:

United Kingdom

Disability scholarships in Australia and New Zealand

All students applying to study an undergraduate degree at a university featured in the QS rankings are also now eligible to apply for the new QS Undergraduate Scholarship – part of the QS Scholarships scheme.

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Hi Sabrina, I am very close to a girl over here in Ghana who suffers from an undiagnosed disability that at has left unable to use her hands and staggers her walking, she has been expelled from many schools that use the excuse of her family not being able to pay her fees. She is a very bright young girl willing to learn especially in a welcoming environment. If there are scholarships that will help her continue her education especially in the US or UK please let me know in what ways she can work towards that. Thank you.

Hi Albert, She will be eligable to apply to most of the scholarships in the above article and you may also want to look through the international scholarships for students from developing countries, which can be found here. The process of applying for scholarships is outlined in this article. I hope this helps :) 

Hii sabrina i am Sanjeev Kumar Raut from Nepal. I am physically challenged person. I have completed my graduation in Computer science and I want to do master in Computer science so please suggest and help me in full scholarship

Hii sabrina i am Sanjeev Kumar Raut from Nepal. I am physically handicapped. I have completed my graduation in Computer science. And i want to do master in Computer science so please suggest and help me for scholarship.

Hi I am handicapped 80% locomotor disability but i am doing physical activity my father is a farmer I want to biotechnology in study abroad with full funded scholarship i am Indian plz help my dream I want to scientist in human body research so I want to biotechnology plz given full funded scholorship

Hi Sabrina
I am Rahwa Zeslus from Ethiopia.I have physical disability since childhood. And I am graduated from Mekele university by electrical and computer engineering ..i need to study my master elsewhere if i could get the chance of scholarship.could you help in finding out please?

Hi Rahwa, You can find out more about scholarships available around the world here. For scholarships for students from developing countries have a look here. To find out how to apply for a scholarship, see here. I hope this helps :)


Hello sabrina,
Im a student in a french speaking country at the University, and i did my hight school studies in french language. When i have won my high school degree exam i have chosen for English department after one year study in English language.
now I'm doing business management in the in the second year and I will finish my studies next year but due to the qualitily of studies and the low level I will like to start all my bachelors degree in business.
And I need your help getting the full scholarship in business in the aim of having a good qualification in this field
Hoping to get something from you as soon as possible,
Yours sincerely

hello sabrina, i'm Kaleb Besufikad from Ethiopia and I'm19. I was diagnosed with LGMD 2B at the age of ten. I can speak english well and I have a good academic record.I'm currently a software engineering student at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology. I was looking for better opportunities elsewhere. If you have any suggestions of full scholarships on a related field please mail me. Best regards

Hi Kaleb, you can view a range of scholarships for engineering students here.

Hi, I'm Nadia from Indonesia. I'm a hearing-impaired person. I have both bachelor and master degree in educational field. Can you help me to find any scholarship information for me?

Hi, I m Rafik from Algeria I m an agronomist, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and I want to continue my studies and do a PhD, I have an intermediate level in English that's why I want to challenge myself and continue my studies in English and prove to everybody can do it even if they are diagnosed with a mental illness, please help me to find a scholarship in the US or another english speaking country. Thank you.

Hi Rafik, that's an amazing message to send to others! We have lists of scholarships to study in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. You can also read advice on how to submit strong scholarship applications here. Best of luck with your scholarship search.

Hi. I am from Pakistan, i am undergraduate in information and communication technology, i want master in same field. I am disabled from one leg, i have need full scholarship kindly one can help or give me guidelines

Hi Mazhar, here are links to our list of computer science scholarships and scholarships for Pakistani students

i am from Nepal studying Bachelor in Business Information System from Kathmandu University and about to finish this four year course. i want to complete my graduate level in MBA from abroad. i am bilateral amputee and searching for scholarship with friendly university.
waiting for ur response

I am from Kazakhstan doing professional sports among disabled people. (Table Tennis)
Are there sports scholarships?
Where to look?
Thank you .

hi! im faisal from pakistan am disabled person with left eye We are looking for scholerships want to spacialyzation in physics any information please.

Hi Faisal, you can find a range of scholarships for Pakistani students here.

Hi, I'm Mamdou from Senegal. i have a master degree in computer science. I am looking for a scholarship for a phd. Can you do something for me please

Hello, please take a look at our list of computer science scholarships around the world.

Hi dear Sabrina
I am Ghazaleh from Iran and I am chemical engineer, I want to apply for Ph.D, I was born with one hand, I am searching for an appropriate scholarship but I could not find any thing can you help me?

Hello dear
I am yohannes afewerk from Africa-ethiopia when i search a scholarship for disabled students i got your website because i am visual impaired student i graduated in highschool this year now i want to ask you some question about giving full fund scholarship for undergraduate program in your institution please see my document and accept me i have many school certificates i got 99.8 percent when i was grade eight and 4 out of 4 in grade 10 and 370 out of 600 in grade 12 and in my transcript from grade 3-12 all my rank is the first from a class and i am from very poor family so for the university i have to fulfill student needs, financial it is difficult for me and my familiy now i want to take my degree program in your collage am waiting for your response if i get this chance the collage will proud of me and i want to do many researches and studies on my education so with respecting i want to help me how i get this oppertunity indeed i got your application form but i need more information from you?

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Sent from m

Hi Yohannes, we're not a university, we just offer advice on studying abroad to students around the world. If you'd like to apply for a QS scholarship, you can find out about these here. :)

hello sabrina im an afghan student with disability how ca i get grant or scholarship can u help me please

Hello sabrina collier hope you will be fine.
I am Currently the student of Tehran university of medical science in MD and want to transfer in other universities in MD?
And also know about scholarship

ho sabrina
i am moussa 28 y
from libya
i have BSC in medical laboratory
i want to get a scholarship
how is that

Hi Moussa, if you'd like to continue studying medicine, we've listed a range of medical scholarships around the world here. :)