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6 Flexible Student Jobs To Fit Around Your Studies

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Updated March 11, 2021 Updated March 11, 2021

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While at university, money worries are never far away. Budgeting and cutting back on nights out can be one way of making sure you have enough money to live off, but the simplest solution is to find a flexible part-time student job that will fit around your study schedule.

Many student jobs offer flexible schedules, but here are six popular student job ideas to get you started.

Tutor/teaching assistant

Share your educational knowledge by becoming a private tutor and help other people learn more about your subject area. This student job can offer decent income (€18-40 per hour) and is completely flexible - you choose when you want to teach and for how many hours. You’ll also develop your own knowledge while working on your listening and managerial skills.


One of the most prized student jobs, babysitting allows you to be flexible while earning around €11 per hour on average. You’ll develop your communication skills while getting used to being accountable and organized.

Babysitting jobs are highly coveted but relatively easy to find, particularly if you’re at university in a large city. Some jobs may even provide you with an opportunity to work on your language skills (for instance, if English is your second language and the family you’re working for speak English).

Taking online surveys

Not concerned about a job for your CV? Another way to get some extra money is to sign up to participate in online surveys. You’ll need a good internet connection and a computer or tablet, but there are plenty of opportunities like this available. However, it won’t guarantee a fixed salary or offer any job stability - but is a good fit if you need extra income but don’t have the time to commit to an actual job.


This is definitely a job for people who love being on their feet and interacting with lots of people. From opening the restaurant and preparing tables, to tidying up at the end of the day, you’ll always be in motion.

While individual shifts can be busy, you should be able to arrange your shifts to fit around your schedule, particularly as most shifts will be in the evening and on weekends. Also, if you want to work in the restaurant or service industry in the future, this will give you an entry-level perspective of what it’s like and improve your knowledge of this area.

Bicycle courier

If you live in a large city like Paris or Lille, there are always job opportunities for anyone with a bicycle (or motorized vehicle). Working as a courier promises a flexible schedule while also being a way to get some exercise while you work!

Mystery shopper

Get paid for shopping or eating in restaurants by signing up to be a mystery shopper! This job involves going into a store and asking for a particular item, and then reporting back about the customer experience. You are given a budget for the items you buy in addition to payment for each job you agree to do, and it’s completely up to you how much you work. Income will vary depending on the company you sign up with.

This article was originally published in November 2020 . It was last updated in March 2021

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