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Airlangga University was named after the famous King Airlangga who ruled the eastern part of Indonesia archipelagoes from 1019 to 1042. The symbol of the University was taken from the royal seal showing the picture of a giant eagle being, a riding animal of the God Vishnu, holding a jar containing, "Amrta", water symbolizing the "spirit of eternal life". The symbol shows that Airlangga University is the source of eternal science. The university's flag has yellow and blue stripes in equal rows. Yellow symbolizes majesty and blue is for nobility and wisdom. The colors were derived from the veil which covered the statue of Vishnu during the inception ceremony of Airlangga University on November 10, 1954 by the first President of the Republic of Indonesia. The university was established in 1954. Today it has 11 faculties and 1 post graduate program, ranging from basic science, medicine, and social sciences. Its vision is to become an independent, innovative, and foremost University both regionally and globally, a forerunner of science development, technology, humanities and arts based on moral and religion. After years, as an institution of education, Airlangga University always try to improve the quality of education and the supporting facilities in...

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