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The Cluj University lays on the foundation of a long evolution of the attempts to establishes a site for higher education studies in Transylvania, an attractive area for the Western Europeans and an arena of religious and, later on, political fights, related to the history of our continent. This evolution begins with the intention of the prince Ioan Sigismund to set up in 1567 an academy of studies in Sebes (Alba), but it is firstly materialised through the initiative of Stefan Bathory to lay the foundations, following the establishment of universities in Bratislava, Buda and Tarnovo, of a college in Cluj, in 1581, under the control of the Jesuits and having the Italian Antonio Possevino and rector. This college was later closed down, and the protestants and the Unitarians set the bases of other colleges, in 1692 Gabriel Bethlen established the Calvinist college in Alba Iulia, with theology, philosophy and language studies, this college being headed by Alstedt. The Catholics took the initiative again and established, in 1688, an academy in Cluj under the control of the Jesuits. In an effort of confessional reconciliation, in 1776, Empress Maria Tereza founded a university in German in Cluj. But this enterprise was...

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