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SDA Bocconi School of Management

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To contribute to the development of individuals and organizations by creating and disseminating innovative managerial knowledge: "Empowering lives through knowledge and imagination" SDA Bocconi Mission’s qualifying elements:Targeting those who have work experience; Adopting an integrated approach to the various stages of creating and promoting knowledge (research, teaching, training); Giving priority to internationalization, providing assistance to people, companies, Institutions and economic systems in the process of market globalization and economic development; Enhancing and building upon the traditional managerial skills developed by Università Bocconi.

Our guiding principles:

The goals and values of both Institutions are aligned to make the best use of the opportunities afforded by joint efforts. SDA Bocconi is a not for profit institution that sees its economic balance as a mean to achieve a long-term cultural independence. SDA Bocconi considers people to be the main resource for pursuing its mission. It invests in their personal development and gives them the opportunity to carry out meaningful roles in its governance systems. In creating and promoting knowledge, SDA Bocconi seeks to find a balance between the opinion of the scientific community and the relevance of that knowledge in the world of management.

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