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Chernihiv National University of Technology



Chernihiv National University of Technology is the only in the region multiple-discipline educational and research centre with a system of continuous education including the Pre-university preparatory Centre, 2 colleges, 4 Educational and Research Institutes, the Centre of Postgraduate Education and Advanced Training, postgraduate and doctoral studies.

According to the information at the scientometric database Scopus, and the University Internet popularity shown in the international catalogue “International Colleges and Universities”, Chernihiv National University of Technology is annually included into the list of top 50 universities of Ukraine. The University has improved its performance indicators in the rating “Top 200 of Ukraine” sixfold over the last five years and is now a decisive leader among universities in Chernihiv region. In 2013 Chernihiv National University of Technology joined the Great Charter of Universities (Magna Charta Universitatum Observatory). Having signed the Charter on September 20, 2013 in the city of Bologna (Italy), the University confirmed its belonging to the academic community, which crosses political and social barriers and creates integration vectors to the European society, which provides all citizens of the world with the necessary rights and freedoms in the field of culture, science and education.

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