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Future University Hakodate

  • SIZE> 12,000 students

  • AGEMature

  • STATUS Private


  • FOCUS Comprehensive

Future University Hakodate is situated in a beautiful region that has a unique history and culture originating in the last days of the Shogunate, as well as outstanding food and tourist appeal. We pursue the development of sustainable systems to improve people’s lives through deep involvement both in the local area and further afield, and focus on education and research that designs societal systems. The University’s faculty members are highly capable and active in collaborating with others in related academic fields and communities, thereby transcending the boundaries of their own specialities. They work with strong motivation to further develop their potential in the local area, thus fostering a lively academic culture unique to the University. Systems information science, where IT meets design, complex systems and artificial intelligence, is an academic field in which multiple solutions to atypical issues of modern society can be found using an information science-based approach with the world viewed as a single system. In the future, the role of computers is expected to develop into something far less detached from humans; the creation of products and services will require deep interaction between computers and users starting at the development stage. Systematic thinking to support the understanding...
Asian University Rankings
  • 62.7
    Papers per Faculty
  • 60.8
    International Faculty
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Postgraduate 8%
Undergraduate 92%
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