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Gebze Technical University (GTU)

  • SIZE> 12,000 students

  • AGEMature

  • STATUS Private


  • FOCUS Comprehensive


Gebze Institute of Technology (GIT), which was founded on the 11th of July, 1992 with the legislation no: 3837, started its services in Istanbul, and moving to Gebze on the 3rd of December, 1993 to the 6th floor of a plaza, accelerated its foundation with the rector, a professor assigned in accordance with the 40/b article of the legislation no: 2547, and 15 officers. GIT started its activities on the 10th of October, 1994 at the Additional Services Building in the center of the town. Its first academic year was 1994-1995, in which it took 80 students in total to the departments of Electronics Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Management, Biology and Chemistry, so it started its education. In the year 1977, three buildings made as carcass, were handed over to GIT with attempts under the supervision of Public Agency. These buildings, in order to be used for education and research activities, were repaired in a short time and at the two corners, Rectorate and Conference Hall were added to its full capacity today, for uses of administrative units, department chairs, dean’s offices, classrooms; besides, “Central Heat Building” was constructed and was opened to service on October 3rd, 1995.

EECA University Rankings
  • 36.1
    Overall Score
  • 88
    Faculty Student
  • 95.2
    Papers per Faculty
  • 97.8
    Citations per Paper
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