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Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urban Planning

str. Academiei nr. 18-20, sect. 1 Bucharest,
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Established in 1952,Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urban Planning in Bucharestis a non-profit public higher education institution located in Bucharest,the capital and largest city of Romania.This institution has also branch campuses in Sibiu, Dealu Frumos. Officially accreditedand/or recognized by the Romanian Ministry of Education as a joint education andresearch institution, the university offers courses and programs leading toofficially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor, degrees, anddoctoral degrees in several areas of study under architecture, urban andlandscape planning, and design. The institution has a selective admissionpolicy based on entrance examinations. International applicants are eligible toapply for enrollment.

The mission of IonMincu University of Architecture and Urban Planning consists of (1) trainingprofessionals with a higher education in architecture and urbanism, specializedin particular areas of these domains (architecture, interior architecture,design, conservation and restoration, furniture, urban planning and design,spatial planning, landscape planning and design) on different educationallevels, (2) generating the capacity for nationally and internationallycompetitive research, creation and innovation, and (3) promoting the freedom ofartistry expression, critical thinking, desire for renewing, assimilating anddeveloping new knowledge and orientations, in the spirit of scientific truth,artistry beauty, and moral goodness; affirming national cultural identity andensure the participation of Romania to developing the universal art andscience.

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