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Kyungil University

712-701 33 Gyeongsan-si View map
South Korea


Kyungil University has struggled to achieve hands-on-focused educational progress, producing approximately 60,000 graduates who have satisfied various requirements in actual business situations. Kyungil University has prepared to make another newly-paradigmatic 50 years, during which KIU will create more values than education and educate future task forces who are qualified for the fast and ever-changing new era, the 21st century. Collaborating with businesses, our university, including professors focusing on student-centered education will, try to create a new educational paradigm to produce more values than ‘education’, more satisfaction than ‘students’, and better models than ‘university.’ Through various collaborative and complex inter-disciplinary majors, we have done our best to produce students who can manage prospective problems well with genuine ideas and problem-solving techniques in business contexts. Furthermore, our future collaboration between businesses and KIU will be recreated into a new revolutionary economic model, which goes beyond existing stereo-typed collaboration models. Throughout this process, KIU will reach an ‘Innovation Campus,’ which manages the university system centering around students the most. To achieve this goal, KIU has set the core 6 values which are called ‘2013 Kollabo’: 3PC-Provision, Program(educational programs), Project(industrial collaboration projects), Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication. Through ‘2013 Kollabo’ We expect a new synergy...

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