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Lomonosov Moscow State University




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Lomonosov Moscow State University Since its establishment in 1755, Lomonosov Moscow University is a Russia's leading academic and cultural centers. It is the largest of the classical research universities within the former USSR. The University has 5,000 academic staff and 4,500 researchers, over 40,000 students, including 5,000 international students from almost 100 countries. 10,000 schoolchildren are attending various introductory groups organized by the University. In 2008 Lomonosov Moscow State University the first time in Russia was granted the freedom to follow own academic standards and award own degrees. The University is well-known for its strong natural sciences tradition: 11 (of Russian 18) Nobel Prize winners and 6 (of Russian 8) Fields medalists were alumni or academics at Lomonosov. The 39 faculties cover virtually all areas of research, except engineering. The University has its two campuses in the center of Moscow where there are 4 museums, 15 research institutes, one of the two botanical gardens, Science Park and a number of service units. The library of the University holds over 9 million volumes. The University has 6 branches in Russia and five of the former USSR republics.

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