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COVID-19 Information: Please check the Admissions tab

Located on the east bank of the Nile, around 120km northwest of Cairo, is Mansoura University. Founded in 1972, Mansoura University is an internationally ranked university and is also a top 30 university in the QS Arab Region University Rankings 2019.

It is comprising over 7,000 faculty members who teach over 165,000 undergraduate students and 18,000 postgraduate students across a wide range of degree programs, including engineering, science, agriculture, veterinary medicine, medicine and dentistry.  

Most degrees at Mansoura University are fully-taught in English. However, there are some Arab-taught degree programs as well.

Mansoura University has a distinguished reputation for its medical facilities, including nine major hospitals and medical centers, as well as a medical experience research center (MERC). It has also recently been in the spotlight for it’s newest discovery of the Mansourasauras, which has been described as being a genus of herbivorous dinosaur, discovered in the Quseir Formation of Egypt.

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Mansoura University’s main campus is located in the heart of Mansoura City, and is made up of more than 18 faculties, three of which are off-campus. These include:
•    The Faculty of Medicine
•    The Faculty of Education
•    The Faculty of Science
•    The Faculty of Pharmacy
•    The Faculty of Dentistry
•    The Faculty of Commerce
•    The Faculty of Law
•    The Faculty of Engineering
•    The Faculty of Agriculture
•    The Faculty of Arts
•    The Faculty of Nursing
•    The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
•    The Faculty of Physical Education
•    The Faculty of Computers and Information
•    The Faculty of Fine Arts
•    The Faculty of Specific Education (off-campus)
•    The Faculty of Hotels and Tourism (off-campus)
•    The Faculty of Kindergarten (off-campus)

Mansoura University offers a number of outstanding services and facilities which students and faculty can hugely benefit from, including:

E-services – such as the Student Information System, free WIFI access across the entire university campus, personal student accounts which can access international libraries and databases, academic emails, as well as e-learning.  

Specialized centers – these allow students to develop their specialist training and skills. Centers include the Scientific Computing Center, English for Specific Purposes Center, Arabic Language Learning Center for Non-native Speakers, as well as the Communications and Information Technology Center.

Student accommodation

There are three large accommodation complexes available for students which provide a full-board stay, studying halls, restaurants and full supervision by highly qualified staff.
There is also a student hospital, a well-equipped sports complex and an international student club where all students are welcome.

Mansoura University welcomes students from all over the world. Currently, 10 percent of the student cohort is international with six nationalities represented on campus.

Mansoura University’s academic and career opportunities are balanced with a campus lifestyle that is second-to-none in Egypt, and offers a great array of sporting, cultural and social choices.

Social and cultural activities include one-day trips, trips to the Pharaonic Village and national museum, as well as sports days at the university’s Olympic Village.

COVID-19 Information:

In accordance to the current situation of the wide spread of COVID-19 virus all over the world, Mansoura University conducted very restricted measures in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education to control the spread of this deadly virus that is responsible for the death of thousands of patients all over the world nowadays. Firstly, the use of electronic submission system provided by the university limits the personal contacts with the admission and registration employers. The university provides website signing in to all the events, time tables, exam timetables and instructions to all the student from the academic staff through email, faculties websites and announcements on the university websites.

Secondly as additional measures in the current situation, all the scheduled events that require gathering and direct contacts were cancelled and replaced by online events instead. The scheduled exams were also cancelled and postponed to the final of the semester parallel to the final exams and their grades were preserved to the students. Virtual courses website is available to all the students either undergraduate or postgraduate, it provides all the lectures, virtual laboratories that the student has to learn during the semester. It is arranged according to the assigned timetable for each faculty, so that the student will not feel any change in the regimen of his lectures and lab. Open discussion through the online interaction is also applied between the staff and the students is also scheduled for any questions and inquiries proposed by the students. It is performed using the “Zoom” application to continue the communications between them and to increase the usefulness of the virtual courses applied on the site.

Thirdly, Concerning the international applicants, any problem facing them is taking care of with the administration of international students that provides the contact with the embassies and solve their problems in a professional way.

Furthermore, all the medical centers -that Mansoura University is famous for- dedicate all their efforts, staff and employers to serve Dakahlia governorate and the surrounding ones by providing the ultimate clinical and health care for the infected or the suspected ones. Recently, the university take a lead step for the manufacturing of sterilized masks, and sterilized gowns in a step to cover the continuous need of such materials for physicians, nurses and patients in addition to the external resident people.

On the other hand, restricted measures concerning the gathering and the scheduled meetings for the employers and the staff are now conducted through video conference to eliminate any chance to spread the infection.

If you’re interested in studying an undergraduate degree at Mansoura University, you will need to contact the relevant administrative office of the faculty that you wish to apply to. You will also be required to submit your high school transcripts as well as pass a health check.

The average tuition fees for international students at Mansoura University are approximately $6,000 per academic year.

For more information regarding admissions and specific entry requirements, please visit the university’s website and select the faculty in which you are interested in applying to.

Students at Mansoura University are equipped with the skills, knowledge and expertise necessary for the world of work after graduating.

University Highlights

Total students - 157,458


International students - 4,696


Total faculty staff - 5,403


Total students - 157,458


International students - 4,696


Total faculty staff - 5,403

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