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Medical University of Graz

Sustainable health research is the central theme at the Medical University of Graz. The Styrian health university is characterised by sustainability in teaching, research and patient care with the main focus on prevention and preservation of health. Students, instructors and staff learn and work together according to the principles of the biopsychosocial model, which places the person with all his or her needs at the centre of attention. In parallel with the training of future doctors and nurses, and research into innovative treatment methods and health-preserving measures, the health university provides high-level patient care. Not only do students gain from expert knowledge, so does the whole population. Both young and old can take advantage of this great range of knowledge in the context of media coverage, talks and a great number of events. Postgraduate continuing education for doctors and other target groups completes the broad range of services. Altogether in the last ten years, research achievements have more than tripled, and leading articles from Graz have filled the pages of high-ranking international journals. The field of personalised medicine is currently experiencing a remarkable development. The basis for this is Biobank Graz, one of the biggest biobanks in Europe. Building on...
  • 61.1
    Academic Reputation
  • 87.2
    Citations per Paper
  • 71.1
    H-index Citations
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